'Don't try to act with me', why did Mirzapur's 'Dadda Tyagi' say this to Amitabh

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Mirzapur 3's 'Dadda Tyagi' and actor MM Farooqui, famous as Lilliput in Bollywood, started considering himself unlucky. In a conversation with Bollywood Thikana, he told that his films with Amitabh were getting closed one after the other. Due to this, he started feeling that he was unlucky. He told this to Amitabh in his mind and refused to do a film with him. In this conversation, 'Dadda Tyagi' said, 'I was playing cards and I got a call from Subhash Ghai. He called me to meet him in his office. At that time I did not even have money to go to Bandra, so one of the people with whom I was playing cards dropped me there. Then Subhash ji told me – I am making a film Sher Bahadur and in this Amitabh will be the hero and you will be the villain.

When he got a call from Subhash Ghai

At that time, actor Lilliput was also working on many projects. The actor further said, 'Subhash ji told me that if none of your films are released before my film, if your image is not created, then you will have to leave all the films you are doing.' On his advice, he left his projects and then he had to suffer huge losses.

“Don't try to act with me”

He told that actually Subhash Ghai's film could not be made due to Amitabh Bachchan's ill health. Then once Lilliput had told Amitabh – Don't try to act with me.

'I am unlucky, my films are not being made with Amit ji'

However, even after this, Lilliput got another chance to work with Amitabh. The name of this film was 'Aashiyana', but then due to some reason this film could not be made. After this Lilliput got a chance to work with Big B in the next film 'Bunty Aur Babli'. He told that when Lilliput was contacted for this film, he told director Shad, 'I am unlucky, my film with Amit ji did not get made, your film will also not get made.' But this film got made and people liked it too.

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