Don't make the mistake of sending your child to school unless he is afraid of this

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Young children are often afraid of meeting new people or going to a new place and their fear increases even more when they have to go there without their loved ones. Children may be afraid of going to play school because their parents are not there and have difficulty adjusting to the new place.

A 6 to 7 month old baby may be afraid of people he doesn't know. This is called stranger anxiety. In an article published in Times Now, pediatrician Nihar Parekh says that you should not send your baby to play school until he has completely overcome stranger anxiety.

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How long does stranger anxiety last?

This anxiety in children begins at the age of 6 to 7 months. It is most severe when the child is 12 months old and can last up to 15 to 18 months. Sometimes a child has stranger anxiety even up to the age of two.

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don't send to school

Dr. Parekh says that if you send your child to school with stranger anxiety, it can make his condition worse. You should give time to your child. This is a part of his emotional development. This anxiety means that the child is learning to differentiate between strangers and known people, which is also good.

When to send your child to school

When to send your child to school

There are a few things to keep in mind before you start sending your child to school. If your child understands general instructions and has basic language skills, you can start sending him to play school.

For premature babies

For babies born prematurely

Prematurely born children have a weaker immune system, so they are more prone to infections until the age of one and a half to two years. These children should be sent to play school from the age of two and a half years. Let the child's immunity develop and allow him to adjust emotionally and physically to the new environment.

Understand these signs

Understand these signs

If your child is able to stay away from his parents for some time, it means that you can send him to play school. Also, if the child is interested in playing with other children, he can be happy in school as well. When the child learns to express his needs and can follow general instructions, you should understand that he is ready to go to play school.

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