Does diabetes cause more hair loss? Know its reasons and how to avoid it

Ananya Shroff
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Does Hair Loss Associated With Diabetes:

Diabetes is an intractable condition that demands ongoing management. Rooted in lifestyle factors, diabetes necessitates stringent adherence to a well-balanced way of life. While numerous lifestyle-related challenges arise in the realm of diabetes, such as compromised immune function, impaired blood circulation, weakness, and fatigue, an intriguing connection exists between diabetes and hair loss—a facet we shall explore in depth.

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Does Diabetes Contribute to Hair Loss?

The Journal of Hair and Scalp Health asserts that an average person sheds 50 to 100 hairs daily, a count that tends to escalate during the monsoon season. Factors like stress and hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can exacerbate hair fall. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to recognize that an excessive drop in blood sugar levels can potentially trigger hair loss. Concurrently, stress is commonly observed in individuals grappling with diabetes, leading to an elevation in cortisol levels. Cortisol, a hormone, is intrinsically linked to hair loss.

For individuals with type 1 diabetes, the vulnerability to autoimmune disorders is heightened. Consequently, alopecia areata may ensue, characterized by immune attacks on hair follicles and resultant hair loss on the scalp and other body areas. Additionally, diabetes can precipitate thyroid dysfunction, which further impairs hair health by disrupting thyroid hormone equilibrium.

Mitigating Hair Loss:

Effective management of blood sugar levels is pivotal in thwarting hair loss. Achieving glycemic control is attainable through a balanced diet.

Engaging in heightened physical activity is integral to diabetes management. The incorporation of various yoga postures and exercises can effectively combat hair loss.

Maintaining optimal hydration by consuming adequate water not only sustains overall health but also ensures scalp hydration, potentially mitigating hair fall.

Adopting stress-reduction strategies, including meditation and yoga, is paramount. These practices alleviate stress, consequently contributing to the prevention of hair loss.


Before implementing the techniques, methods, and recommendations outlined in this article, it’s advised to seek guidance from a medical professional or a relevant expert.

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