Do you do these things before giving your mobile for repairing? Know 6 important things, you will be safe from fraud

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Do you do these things before giving your mobile for repairing?  Know 6 important things, you will be safe from fraud

Deepak Pandey/Khargone. Mobile has become an integral part of our lives. People have become so dependent on mobile phones that it has become difficult to stay away from it even for a moment. The mobile contains our important information, photos and many such documents, which are extremely personal. Often, when our mobile gets damaged, we rush to get it repaired at a service center or mobile shop. But, doing so sometimes proves dangerous for us. We may become victims of blackmailing.

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blackmailed the woman
One such case has recently come to light from village Bhagwanpura area of ​​Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. Here, when a woman's mobile got damaged, she gave it to a repair shop in the village to get it repaired. But, to blackmail the woman, the shopkeeper took out the woman's personal photos from her mobile phone. Later, money was demanded in exchange for deleting these pictures.

what was the incident
The victim woman told PressNews24 that there was a problem in the software of the mobile 6 months ago. Gave it to village shopkeeper Baghel Solanki for repair. It is alleged that the shopkeeper took out personal photos from the mobile. On asking for phone he started demanding Rs 10,000. The woman gave the money. But, the accused again demanded money. Fed up, the woman told her husband about the incident and then lodged an FIR against the shop owner in the police station.

What to do before giving mobile
It is very important to keep the data safe before giving the mobile for repairing. But how? For this, when the team of PressNews24 talked to Khargone's repair shop operators Rahish Shaikh and Neeraj Kushwaha, they suggested some measures to prevent this. Which can be useful for you.

definitely do this work
1. Always keep screen lock active in mobile. Due to this the shopkeeper will not be able to see the mobile data.
2. When the shopkeeper asks for the password, do not tell him, open it yourself.
3. If it is not a big problem then get it rectified in front. Do not leave your mobile with the shopkeeper.
4. Lock essential apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, photo gallery, phone book, call history, phone-pay, Google-pay.
5. If possible, do not keep personal photos/videos in your mobile. If necessary, keep it in DG locker.
6. There is a big problem with the mobile, it will take more time, if you have to leave it at the shop, take out the SIM also.

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