Do hair growth serums really work? Shahnaz Hussain reveals the whole secret

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Nowadays hair serum is a part of the daily routine of most girls, which they use to thicken their hair, increase its growth and make it shiny. You will find many types of hair serums in the market, which work exactly like a conditioner on the hair.

If you have not started using it yet and are thinking of using it, then this question must be coming to your mind that 'What is this hair serum?' or 'Is it really so beneficial for hair!' We are answering this question of yours Beauty and skin care expert Shahnaz Hussain.

What is a hair serum?

Actually, serum is a liquid which is neither like a conditioner nor does it contain oil. It has much smaller particles than cream. Serum is also very light to use, so even after using it, your hair does not look oily.

How does serum benefit hair?

Serums are made in such a way that they reach deep into the scalp and hair layers. It contains several ingredients like plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. Hair serum is beneficial for hair that is exposed to chemical treatments and environmental influences, such as hair dyes, hair straighteners, heat treatments, pollution, and sunlight. The ingredients present in the serum help remove dandruff, prevent hair fall as well as promote hair growth.

How much to use?

How much to use?

Serums stay on the hair longer than hair creams or lotions, so just a few drops go a long way. It can be used on wet or dry hair, but you'll get better results if you use it after shampooing.

Apply hair serum like this

Apply hair serum like this

After shampooing, take a few drops of serum and apply it gently on your hair. Remember that you neither have to rub it nor massage your scalp with it. After this, comb your hair so that it spreads easily. Or if you want, you can apply the serum after combing your hair.

It could be a loss

It could be a loss

Hair serum contains natural ingredients. If you are thinking of using it, then check whether it contains any chemicals. Otherwise it can cause rashes, allergies or itching. Let us tell you that sometimes silicone based hair serums clog the pores, which can cause irritation on the scalp.

Because serum contains water-like silicone, which easily goes into the scalp and hair, so if your hair serum contains silicone, apply it only on the hair, not on the scalp. If you want, you can use herbal hair serum, these are more beneficial. Make sure to include serum in your hair care.

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