DMR Portable 3 kg 2 Star Single Tub Top Load Mini Washing Machine with 1.5 kg Dryer Basket (Blue) – with 1 year Spare Supply Warranty Model -DMR 30-1208

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Price: ₹6,499 - ₹5,499.00
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From the manufacturer

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Washing clothes is an essential part of the daily Routine. However, washing them by hands after a tiring day or during the weekends can be tiresome. Additionally, it takes a lot of time as well. However, with the DMR 30-1208 Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, you are left with clean clothes every time. It has a capacity of 3 Kilograms and can handle a large number of clothes and similar other items at the same time. This mini washing machine also cleans uniformly and prevents the clothes from wear and tear. It comes with top load feature and is easy to use at the same time. Owing to its compact design this washing machine from popular brand DMR can fit in tight spaces. This home appliance has an ergonomic design and delivers powerful performance when it comes to cleaning clothes.

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DMR 30-1208 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine carries a compact design. It can fit easily in smaller spaces and is very easy to move and carry from one place to another. This single tub semi-automatic, top load washing machine is portable in nature and takes up little space on the floor.


DMR 30-1208 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine comes with 2 ergonomic Knobs, one is for wash and spin selector and the other one is for wash and spin timer. The knobs can conveniently perform both the clockwise and anti-clockwise washing modes.


DMR 30-1208 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine uses the Clock Wise and Anti-Clock Wise Washing Cycle in order to give complete washing treatment to your dirty clothes. It moves the clothes back and forth, giving efficient removal of the stubborn dirt from every area of the clothes. Apart from this, it also helps the washed clothes rinse properly and eliminates the detergent residue, giving complete washing treatment to the clothes.

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This semi-automatic washing machine from DMR is embedded with a feature to collect lint in a separate portion during each wash that prevents the lint to mix with the clothes or even lie at the bottom of the tub, which is common with other washing machines.


This single tub semi-automatic, top load washing machine’s washing capacity is 3Kg with the capacity of the dryer basket being 1.5 Kg. It is most suitable for washing 6 to 7 clothes at a time. It is suitable for washing for all type of clothes like saree, t-shirt, skirt, bed-sheet, jeans, curtains and more.


DMR 30-1208 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine comes with a semi –transparent lid that gives you an option to keep an eye on your laundry while managing your other work. This semi-transparent lid allows you to monitor the process of washing.

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With 1 years Free Spare Supply Warranty.
Wash Capacity – 3Kg Spin Basket Capacity 1.5 Kg -(Spinning Efficiency – 60-70% water will be drained)
Can Wash approx 5-6 cloths at a time and can Spin approx 2-3 cloths ( Adult’s cloths)
Dimensions : L*W*H – 40*40*55 Cms Gross / Net Weight – 6 Kgs / 5Kgs
Plug and Play ( No installation required)

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