Different styles were seen in the first day first show of the 18th Lok Sabha, there was sarcasm and jokes between the opposition and the government

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Different styles were seen in the first day first show of the 18th Lok Sabha, there was sarcasm and jokes between the opposition and the government

New Delhi: The first session of the 18th Lok Sabha began on Monday, where the ruling party as well as the opposition were seen in different styles inside the House. On the first day, while the newly elected MPs had to take oath, on the other hand, family members of many MPs were also seen there on this occasion. On Monday, while some parties resorted to special colors for their identity, people's eyes were fixed on some MPs. In the session that began with the national anthem on Monday, first the Lok Sabha Secretary General placed the list of newly elected MPs in the Lok Sabha on the table in Hindi and English, after which Bhartruhari Mahtab, as the Protem Speaker (Acting Speaker), announced the panel of the Protem Speaker. In the House, first PM Modi, then the panel of the Protem Speaker, then the ministers of the Modi government and then the MPs state-wise in alphabetical order took oath.

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Sharp attitude of opposition
PM Narendra Modi was the first to take oath in the House. When PM Modi, dressed in an off-white kurta and jacket, reached the podium to take the oath, the entire House suddenly became noisy. While the ruling party was seen continuously raising slogans of 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' and 'Modi-Modi', the opposition was seen showing the copy of the Constitution. During PM Modi's oath, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was the first to stand with a copy of the Constitution, after which all the opposition members started showing the copy of the Constitution. When the PM was pronouncing the words Constitution and Democracy, the opposition party was seen saying 'Oho-Oho' sarcastically. At the same time, when it was the turn of the panel of Protem Speaker to take oath after the PM, the opposition started protesting. From the opposition side, the panel included DMK's TR Balu, Congress's K Suresh and TMC's Sudip Bandopadhyay, but the opposition was seen opposing the panel. The opposition alleged that the government ignored parliamentary decorum in the selection of the Protem Speaker. When Home Minister Amit Shah came to take the oath, the opposition MPs waved copies of the Constitution. Amidst the political turmoil over the NEET exam in the country, when the country's Education Minister arrived to take oath, the opposition camp was seen hooting at him and shouting slogans like 'NEET-NEET', 'Cheat-Cheat'.

There was a commotion in the house
There was a lot of laughter and fun in the House on the first day. Although it was from both sides, but the opposition camp seemed to be an expert in it. The opposition was seen laughing and joking according to the members taking oath. When former Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan went to sign at the reporter desk after taking oath, the opposition was seen making fun of him by calling him uncle-mama. During this, TMC's Kalyan Banerjee was seen continuously commenting and joking in the first half. When JDU's Lallan Singh stood up to take oath, Kalyan Banerjee was seen singing a popular Hindi song in the House – 'Dost-dost na raha…' Then he started saying that hey, he is our very old friend. Taking a dig at senior Bihar leader and minister Giriraj Singh, Banerjee smilingly said that our seats increased because of you, he feels that in the coming time these parties can leave the NDA. When Andhra Pradesh BJP President D Purandeswari went to take oath, the opposition mocked her and said, are you making her the speaker? Actually, Purandeswari's name is also in the race for the Speaker. On the other hand, as the lunch time was approaching, BJP MP and former Union Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy was seen repeatedly pleading with the Chair to take a lunch break in the House.

Colour codes and costumes
On the first day, the colour code of the parties was seen in the House and the dress and attire of many MPs was attractive. TDP MPs were seen wearing yellow Angvastra in the House, while this time SP, which registered its presence in large numbers in the lower house, made red cap and pink gamchha around the neck its dress and colour code. Although not all SP MPs had red caps on their heads, all their members, including women MPs, definitely had pink gamchha around their necks. Rahul Gandhi was seen in his trademark white T-shirt and black trousers, while LJP MP Chirag Paswan was seen wearing white kurta, blue dalim and a big tilak on his forehead. After taking oath, he went to PM Modi and greeted him. MP from Mandi Kangana Ranaut was seen in off-white sari blouse, while MP from Thrissur, Kerala, Gopi Suresh was seen signing the oath register wearing her traditional dress and white shoes with big rings on his hands. MP from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, Anita Chauhan arrived to take oath wearing her traditional dress and lots of traditional silver jewellery.

Swearing in different languages, many people forgot
On the first day, all the members of the Lok Sabha took oath in Hindi and English as well as various regional languages ​​and Sanskrit. These included languages ​​like Gujarati, Odia, Telugu, Marathi, Assamese, Bengali, Malayalam, Kannada, Dogri. After taking the oath, some members went straight to their seats, but they were reminded by fellow MPs or Lok Sabha secretariat staff to sign. Former Karnataka CM SD Kumaraswamy was also among those who forgot.

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