Did the two-minute silence in Lok Sabha on the Emergency write the script for the wastage of hours in Parliament?

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Did the two-minute silence in Lok Sabha on the Emergency write the script for the wastage of hours in Parliament?

New Delhi: In the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP gave the slogan 'Abki Baar 400 Paar' and the opposition campaigned among the voters that if the Modi government comes back, this time the Constitution will be crushed and reservation will be abolished. This narrative of the opposition worked at least in Uttar Pradesh, which has the maximum number of 80 Lok Sabha seats. There, the opposition unexpectedly gained a big lead and the BJP was reduced to just 33 seats. The Congress party and especially Rahul Gandhi are very excited by this. As part of their plan to further the narrative of 'Threat to the Constitution in the Modi government', they also reached the Parliament with a copy of the Constitution. Not only Rahul, but MPs of Congress and other opposition parties also took oath of office with a copy of the Constitution in their hands. But on Wednesday, when the BJP won the election of the Lok Sabha Speaker, the matter turned around. Om Birla, who had just taken the chair of the Lok Sabha Speaker, strongly condemned the Emergency in his first statement. Birla not only read a long article but also observed two minutes of silence. This was like rubbing salt on the wounds of the Congress party. Within a short time, it had to face a crushing defeat on two fronts. First, it had to withdraw its candidature for the post of Lok Sabha Speaker, then in its attempt to corner the Modi government on the constitutional front, it had to face defeat by getting trapped in the censure motion on the Emergency.

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Silence in the house, sloganeering outside

Since the opposition led by Congress is in a mood to take a more aggressive stance in the Parliament this time, the ruling party also became aggressive as soon as it got the opportunity. NDA MPs raised slogans inside and outside the House against the Emergency imposed in the country during the previous Indira Gandhi government. They demonstrated by waving banners and posters, showing solidarity. This is enough to put not only the Congress but also its allies on the back foot. Actually, the Emergency is such a blot on the Constitution, for which the Congress has no answer. Especially in response to the melody of protecting constitutional values, the BJP told the Congress that it is not right to give advice to the killer of the Constitution. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also emphasized a lot on the Emergency in his address to the media before reaching the Lok Sabha on the first day of the Parliament session on Monday.

We will always know that day of 25 June 1975 as a black chapter in the history of India. On this day, the then PM Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in the country and fiercely attacked the Constitution made by Baba Saheb Ambedkar. India is known as the mother of democracy all over the world. Democratic values ​​and debate have always been supported in India, democratic values ​​have always been protected and encouraged. Dictatorship was imposed on such an India by Indira Gandhi, India's democratic values ​​were crushed and freedom of expression was strangled.

About Lok Sabha Speaker Birla

Chirag Paswan hit back at Rahul Gandhi

Today, when Rahul Gandhi congratulated Om Birla on being elected the Speaker of the Lok Sabha for the second time and reminded him of his duties and dignity, the answer came from Chirag Paswan. Chirag, the president of LJP (Ram Vilas) and who calls himself PM Modi's Hanuman, advised Rahul that he should look into his own conscience while speaking on constitutional dignity, parliamentary traditions and the conduct of the ruling party and the opposition in the House. He said that to a large extent the behavior of the opposition decides what decision the chair will take. He responded in detail to the issues raised by Rahul Gandhi. Now it is the turn of the Congress party and the rest of the opposition. After the condemnation motion on the Emergency was passed, the Lok Sabha Speaker adjourned the proceedings of the House. Now what will happen if the debate starts again in the Lok Sabha after the President's address on Thursday?

Will the 'wounded' opposition become more aggressive now?

It is difficult to give a definite answer to this, but now there is a high possibility that the opposition, which has made up its mind to surround the government on other issues including rigging in NEET-UG examination, will now adopt an even more aggressive stance as soon as it gets the opportunity. This will affect the proceedings of the House and work in both the houses of Parliament will keep getting stalled. The scene inside the Lok Sabha has changed compared to the last 10 years. This time the gallery of the opposition is greener. Now the difference in the number of MPs of the ruling party and the opposition has come down to 59. Therefore, this time the noise of the opposition will be louder and the ruling party will face difficulty in taking the proceedings of the House forward.
Om Birla News: Emergency was a dark chapter in the country, read what Om Birla said about Indira in Lok Sabha as soon as he became the speaker

The two minutes of silence will be heard soon

The opposition camp and especially the Congress party is very excited by the success in increasing its seats in the Lok Sabha and preventing the BJP from getting a majority. The morale of other major opposition leaders including former Congress president Rahul Gandhi seems to be at its peak. India Block has been looking aggressive since the first day of the Parliament session. It put a condition of giving the post of Deputy Speaker in exchange for consensus on the post of Lok Sabha Speaker and tried to create a narrative that if the opposition's demand is not met, the Modi government will prove to be a dictator. Rahul Gandhi himself had strongly criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday. It is a different matter that he had to change his attitude due to the inability to balance the equation. But the way the ruling party has given it a fresh wound on the issue of Emergency, it will definitely get something in return in some form or the other. What? This remains to be seen. Right now it seems that two minutes of silence in condemnation of the Emergency has written a script for wasting hours in Parliament.

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