Did not reach the semi-finals but hit the most sixes, one team hit only one six

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Did not reach the semi-finals but hit the most sixes, one team hit only one six

New Delhi. The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 has concluded with a spectacular victory for Team India. Rohit Sharma's team defeated South Africa by 6 runs in the final and became the third team to win the T20 World Cup twice along with West Indies and England. This World Cup was also different in the sense that a maximum of 20 teams participated in it and Team India did not lose a single match in its journey to become the champion. Although the T20 World Cup 2024 may have ended, its craze is still in the hearts and minds of Indian fans. This enthusiasm and passion will remain till the World Cup champion team returns home.

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Despite Team India's title win, many cricket lovers could not enjoy the 2024 tournament like the previous tournaments. The reason for this was the slow pitches of America and West Indies, the presence of some very weak teams and the lack of ample 'rain' of fours and sixes despite the increase in the number of matches. During the matches held in America, batsmen, runs and cricket lovers were seen yearning for fours and sixes. This situation improved after the matches were shifted from the Super 8 round to West Indies. Despite this, slow pitches remained a headache for the batsmen. It was expected that this time many scores of more than 250 would be seen but this did not happen.

The highest score of this World Cup was 218 runs (West Indies vs Afghanistan). Not only this, out of the total 55 matches, the 200 run mark was crossed in only four. A total of 517 sixes were hit in these matches. The average of sixes per match was only 9.4 whereas in the T20 format, this many sixes are usually hit in one innings of a match.

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Some very weak teams, Uganda hit just one six

To make cricket global, the number of teams in the tournament was increased to 20 this time, but the presence of some very weak teams is also raising questions. It is natural to raise questions that is it justified to give place to such teams in a tournament like the World Cup without setting a 'standard' of performance? For example, despite achieving one win, the Ugandan team could not cross the score of 100 runs in any of its matches, while the Papua New Guinea team could score runs only once. Its effect was also seen in the boundaries. In the group stage, Uganda hit only one six in four matches, this six was hit by the team's batsman Robinson Obuya. The number of fours hit by the team in four matches was just 12.

Papua New Guinea hit only 4 sixes in 4 matches. Nepal and Ireland, who were eliminated after the group stage, also hit less than 10 sixes. Both countries hit only 9 sixes each.

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West Indies batsmen have taken the most wickets (6)
In the T20 World Cup held on its home ground, the West Indies team could not make it to the semi-finals but it hit the most sixes in the tournament. In the T20 World Cup, West Indies batsmen hit 62 sixes in 7 matches. In terms of sixes, this number is one more than Team India. The champion Indian team of this T20 World Cup hit 61 sixes in 8 matches. The team's group match against Canada was washed out due to rain. England hit 38 and South Africa hit 43 sixes while the Afghan team, which surprised everyone by reaching the semi-finals, hit 37 sixes.

The best performances were by the teams of America and Scotland. The batsmen of America hit 42 sixes and the batsmen of Scotland hit 34 sixes. This number was much more than the sixes hit by New Zealand (12), Pakistan (17) and Sri Lanka (16).

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Which team hit how many sixes
India: 61 sixes
South Africa: 43 sixes
England: 38 sixes
Afghanistan: 37 sixes
Australia: 50 sixes
Bangladesh: 25 sixes
Canada: 15 sixes
Ireland: 9 sixes
Namibia: 15 sixes
Nepal: 9 sixes
Netherlands: 15 sixes
New Zealand: 12 sixes
Oman: 12 sixes
Pakistan: 17 sixes
Papua New Guinea: 4 sixes
Scotland: 34 sixes
Sri Lanka: 16 sixes
Uganda: A six
America: 42 sixes
West Indies: 62 sixes

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Nicholas Pooran hit the most sixes (17)
In this edition of the T20 World Cup, Nicholas Pooran of the West Indies hit the most sixes with 17. Afghanistan's Rahmanullah Gurbaz was second with 16 sixes and Australia's Travis Head and India's Rohit Sharma were tied for third with 15 sixes each. America's Aaron Jones was fourth with 14 sixes. Jones hit 10 sixes during his 94-run innings against Canada, which is the most sixes in an innings in this World Cup.

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