Dharmendra got angry after voting, users got angry after hearing this from Paresh Rawal

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Film stars are participating enthusiastically in the voting taking place in Maharashtra and since Monday morning, there is a lot of activity of film stars at the polling booths. Meanwhile, a video of Bollywood veteran actor Dharmendra has surfaced in which he is seen fuming in anger. People are surprised to see Dharmendra's anger. The actor has also shared some pictures after casting his vote on his Instagram account. Apart from Dharmendra, a video of Paresh Rawal is also in the news at this time in which he is seen advising to punish those who do not vote. A video of Dharmendra has surfaced in which he is seen getting very upset in front of the camera. Two people are seen supporting Dharmendra to get him to vote. During this, the camera person asked him something, on which he got angry.

Dharmendra got angry and said – I know what you want me to say.

In this video, Dharmendra is seen saying, 'Friend, become a poet, become a patriot, become a good person, love your parents.' Apart from this, 88 year old Dharmendra is seen saying something else also. He says, 'You know what you want me to say.'

Dharmendra said- the biggest proof of being an Indian

Apart from this, Dharmendra has also shared the picture after the vote. He has said, 'The biggest proof of being an Indian is your vote, friends, take advantage of this right, definitely vote.'

Paresh Rawal advised, those who do not vote should get this punishment

Apart from these, a video of Paresh Rawal is also gaining a lot of headlines. Paresh appealed to the people to vote and also said that there should be some punishment for those who do not vote. He said that the tax of such people should be increased or some punishment should be given so that they can fulfill this responsibility. Now people seem angry on these words of Paresh Rawal. Many people said- So now there will be dictatorship here! While some have said – these are democratic rights but they cannot be achieved by force.

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