'Despite the affair, Honey Irani did not poison the children', Javed Akhtar's wife Shabana said this about her co-wife

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Shabana Azmi married Javed Akhtar in the year 1984. It was a love marriage. However, Javed Akhtar was already married to actress Honey Irani and they have two children – son Farhan Akhtar and daughter Zoya. But Honey Irani was shocked by her husband's second marriage. She was shattered by that betrayal. Shabana Azmi talked about Honey Irani in the latest interview. She said that despite the betrayal from her husband Javed Akhtar, Honey Irani forgot all the grievances and moved on and did not poison the minds of the children. Shabana Azmi has already talked about her relationship with Honey Irani, but she once again talked about it and said that when her affair with Javed Akhtar started, there was a lot of bitterness in her mind. But Honey Irani showed maturity and never filled the ears of the children against Shabana or Javed Akhtar.

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'Honey could have taken the children if she wanted, but she didn't do that'

Speaking on Arbaaz Khan's show 'The Invincibles', Shabana Azmi revealed that husband Javed Akhtar worked hard to rebuild his relationship with Honey Irani and they are still as close as they were before. I am very happy because I have a very beautiful relationship with Zoya and Farhan and I give credit to Honey. They were very young kids at that time. It would have been the easiest thing in the world for Honey to distance them (from Javed Akhtar). She never did that. Rather, she encouraged the kids to stay with us.

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Shabana did not insist on the relationship, but today she has a good relationship with Honey Irani

However, Shabana tried to maintain distance initially and did not force the relationship. She said, 'I really salute Honey because that generosity has come from him. And today, we have a very good relationship with Honey as well. I know that Honey is so confident that if she needs anything, she can call Javed at midnight and he will come. We decided that there should be no bitterness in it. Of course, she was very bitter initially. She felt she had been rejected. But he (Javed Akhtar) kept the relationship going and whatever it is today, I am proud of it.'

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