Desi superheroes are attracting viewers from all over the world on OTT, Desi Avengers have won the hearts of the world

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Desi superheroes are attracting viewers from all over the world on OTT, Desi Avengers have won the hearts of the world

'We always talk about Hollywood superheroes but in reality the world's first superhero is Lord Hanuman. He flies, lifts mountains and also sets fire with his tail. There is no greater superhero than him.' This is what famous actor Anupam Kher has to say, who is in the news these days for the new film Chhota Bheem and the Curse of Daman on children's favorite Desi superhero Chhota Bheem. If you look at it, Anupam Kher's words have a lot of substance. Statistics are a witness that even though foreign Avengers have ruled the world for a long time, now our Desi superheroes are also not far behind in winning the hearts of the audience.

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Chhota Bheem, Hanuman, Balveer, everyone's magic worked

Be it Hanuman ji, considered the biggest superhero, or the little boy Chhota Bheem, these Desi Avengers have taken over the whole world through OTT. Disney Plus Hotstar's animated series The Legend of Hanuman, based on the exploits of Hanuman ji, performed so well that the platform has already released four seasons of it. According to Ormax India, the first season of the series got 20 million views in a year, while the second season garnered a record-breaking 8.5 million views in just ten days. Earlier, Chhota Bheem's spin-off 'Mighty Little Bheem', which ruled the hearts of Indian children for 15 years, also surprised everyone and broke all records of success. This first Indian animated series of Netflix topped the pre-school category. Launched in 2019, this Indian show topped the most watched show in America that year. It got more than 27 million viewers worldwide, including Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, due to which its three seasons came one after the other.

and a superhero too

Apart from these, superhero Baalveer, who has been a hit on the small screen for 12 years, is now attracting viewers from all over the world on OTT. Baalveer, which recently launched its new season on Sony Liv, became one of the top 3 shows in the first week itself. These superheroes are making a splash not only in videos but also in audio series. Four superhero audio series on Pocket FM, Number Zero (140 million plays), Shoorveer (250 million plays), New Avatar (190 million plays), Super Yodha (140 million plays) made a record of being listened to more than 100 million times i.e. 10 crore times.

A hit combination of a deep story and great animation

Industry experts attribute the global success of these desi superheroes to the jugalbandi of stories related to Indian culture and excellent animation. When asked about the reason for the success of this show, Sharad Devarajan, producer of The Legend of Hanuman, says, 'All our mythological stories and characters, especially Hanuman ji, have inspired generations for thousands of years. His principles, values, teachings are universal and they will always be relevant. These are immortal and timeless stories, which people of all ages connect with. Today we producers are telling them using modern technology like action and animation, so the younger generation is liking this jugalbandi.' After the success of The Legend of Hanuman, Sharad Devarajan has recently come up with the animated series Baahubali: Crown of Blood and according to Ormax India, it topped the most watched series on OTT with 3.5 million views as soon as it came. According to Rajiv, 'People had seen only foreign superheroes for a long time, but with increasing global exposure, now they want to see all kinds of heroes and characters. They want to know about different cultures, they found both diversity and novelty in Mighty Little Bheem. The biggest thing is that we did not leave our Indian roots even for foreign audiences. We showed Indian villages, jungles, families, clothing, culture in the same way. We never hid our Indianness nor tried to become western. That is why they found this show different.

Desi superhero is also here

Desiness and kindness won hearts

Chhota Bheem has both Indianness and goodness, like he is always there for his friends. He stands for truth and goodness. He is a noble, smart and courageous child. He respects his culture. All this appeals to children and their parents too, that is why he is so loved. – Rajiv Chilaka, Creator, Chhota Bheem

I liked the new style of animation

The way we have presented The Legend of Hanuman at a world-class level of animation is something our young generation has never seen before. I think the execution of the way you are presenting this story is very important. If we give our audience a world-class quality show, they will definitely follow it. – Sharad Devarajan, Producer, The Legend of Hanuman

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