Delhi University: Classes will start from August 1, exam and holiday dates also released, see DU's academic calendar

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Delhi University News in Hindi: There is no admission for UG courses in Delhi University yet. CUET DU Admission 2024 is also stuck due to the result. But before that the academic calendar of Delhi University has been released. According to DU Academic Calendar 2024-25, the classes of the new session in the university and DU colleges will start from August 1. In this, information has been given from semester break, semester exam to winter and summer break of next year. You can see the complete list ahead.

DU Calendar 2024: What will happen when?

The Delhi University Semester 1 & 3 Calendar 2024 is as follows:

DU 1st Semester Class Starting Date 2024 1 August 2024
Mid-semester vacation From 27 October 2024 to 3 November 2024
Classes will resume after mid-semester break 4 November 2024
Classes are over, preparation is on and practical exams are on 28 November 2024
Theory exam starts 10 December 2024
Winter vacation 29 December to 1 January 2025

The Delhi University Semester 2 & 4 Calendar 2024 is as follows:

class begins 2 January 2024
Mid-semester vacation From 9 March 2025 to 16 March 2025
Classes will resume after mid-semester break 17 March 2025
Classes are over, preparation is on and practical exams are on 30 April 2025
Theory exam starts 13 May 2025
Winter vacation From 1 June 2025 to 20 July 2025

It is worth noting that this DU calendar has currently been released for all post-graduation courses, B.Tech programs, 5-year integrated BA LLB and BBA LLB courses.

DU UG 1st Semester Classes 2024: When will start?

Due to the delay in the result of Common University Entrance Test- UG (CUET UG), the first semester classes will not start from August 1, which was DU's target this time. DU Registrar Prof. Vikas Gupta said, CUET result has not come yet, due to which it does not seem possible to start classes from August 1. We had fixed the date of August 1 assuming that the CUET result will come by June 15.

It is quite clear from the academic calendar of DU that the session is late. Once the teachers have raised questions on CUET. A group of teachers has also demanded to separate DU admission from CUET. However, Registrar Prof. Vikas Gupta says, as soon as the result comes, we will release the DU UG Course Calendar 2024-25. If the result comes early, then classes can start from the second or third week of August. We will not suffer any loss.

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