Deaths due to heat wave: More than 40,000 cases of heat stroke were reported across the country, scorching heat took the lives of 110 people, this figure is scary

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The scorching heat has come in its true form in the entire North India including Delhi-NCR. Due to which the number of patients in hospitals has also increased significantly. At the same time, many people have also lost their lives due to heat stroke. This year, from March 1 to June 18, the scorching heat in the country has killed at least 110 people and more than 40,000 people have had to deal with heat stroke. The state most affected by the heat is Uttar Pradesh. Here the maximum deaths have occurred due to heat wave. Here about 36 people have lost their lives due to heat wave and heat stroke. After Uttar Pradesh, the most affected states are Bihar, Rajasthan and Odisha. Where most people have lost their lives.

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The death toll may increase

On the number of deaths due to heat, an official source said that these figures are not the final figures given by the states. Therefore, this number may increase. Let us tell you that on June 18 alone, the number of people who died due to heat stroke was 6. Let us tell you that most of the areas of North and East India have been in the grip of severe heat for a long time. Due to which people have started getting sick and the series of deaths continues.

Amid the scorching heat across the country, Health Minister JP Nadda on Wednesday directed officials to provide better treatment to people affected by heat stroke in all hospitals across the country. Along with this, the Health Ministry has directed the nodal officers of all states to release the data of heat stroke cases and deaths due to it daily from March 1.

How can you prevent heat stroke?

To avoid heat stroke, it is better not to go out in direct sunlight. If you have to go out, make sure you keep drinking water even if you are not thirsty. Consume lassi, nimbu paani, buttermilk or other hydrating fluids like ORS that can maintain electrolyte levels. Also, avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks. Wear light coloured cotton clothes and use glasses, umbrella and shoes.

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