Daughters-in-law run away, what do we have today… Martyr Captain Anshuman's parents expressed their pain

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Martyr Captain Anshuman Singh's father says that the daughter-in-law has left our house. She has also changed her address. He said that I do not have any memento of Kirti Chakra. Talking to a news channel in Deoria, UP, he said that the criteria set for NOK is not correct. He said that I have informed both Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and opposition leader Rahul Gandhi about this. Martyr Anshuman's mother said that daughters-in-law leave the house and run away.

Martyr Captain Anshuman's father said that his son was married five months ago, there is no child. The earlier picture is everything. What do we have today? He said that questions should be asked about this. There should be a change in this. Like 67, 33% happened after the Kargil war. But it should be interpreted correctly. What will be the definition of NOK? What will happen if the martyr's wife stays in the family, what will happen if she does not stay, what will happen if the children stay, what will happen to the parents?

How many people in the family were dependent on him and how many responsibilities he left behind. There should be amendments on those things. Captain Anshuman's parents said that opposition leader Rahul Gandhi has said that he will talk to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in this matter. Anshuman's mother said that daughters-in-law run away. No one should have to suffer like me. Many such cases are coming to light. Daughters-in-law are running away leaving their parents.

What is NOK
NOK stands for (Next of Kin). For unmarried it is parents and for married it is spouse. It is the information to be recorded of a person in service. NOK is the official information if there is an emergency or death during training/service.

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