Current Affairs Quiz, 6th July 2024: Daily Current Affairs, These questions are asked in competitive exams

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Today's current affairs news in Hindi: Are you preparing for any competitive exam? Or thinking of doing it? Then you should be aware of current affairs. Because current affairs questions are definitely asked in every competitive exam. To help you in your preparation, we bring current affairs quiz every day on NBT Education. Here are 10 questions and their answers in this series.

10 Current Affairs Questions and Answers in Hindi

1. The annual meeting of the Shanghai Summit Organization (SCO) is going on in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. When did India become its full member?
a) June 9, 2017
b) 24 June 2016
c) 10 June 2015
Answer- A) 9 June 2017

2. Keir Starmer, who gave a tough fight to PM Rishi Sunak in the UK general elections, belongs to which party?
a) Conservative Party
b) Labor Party
c) Co-operative Party
Answer- b) Labour Party

3. JMM Working President Hemant Soren has once again taken oath as the CM of Jharkhand, who was the CM of the state before him?
a) Shibu Soren
b) Kalpana Soren
C) Champai Soren
Answer- C) Champai Soren

4. In which stadium of Mumbai was the Indian cricket team welcomed after returning to the country after winning the T-20 World Cup?
a) Brabourne Stadium
b) Brabourne Stadium
c) Wankhede Stadium
Answer- C) Wankhede Stadium

5. In whose place has America appointed former South African cricketer Hilton Moring as the coach of the national women's and under-19 team?
A) Shiv Narayan Chandrapal
B) Ramnaresh Sarwan
C) Robin Singh
Answer- A) Shiv Narayan Chandrapal

6. Who has been elected the next Secretary General of NATO?
a) Klaus Iohannis
b) Mark Rutt
c) Jens Stoltenberg
Answer- B) Mark Rutt

7. Who has been elected as the Speaker of the 18th Lok Sabha?
A) Piyush Goyal
b) About Birla
C) K. Suresh
Answer- b) Om Birla

8. What is the name of the founder of WikiLeaks who was released under an agreement with the US court?
a) Elon Musk
b) Edward Snowden
c) Julian Assange
Answer- C) Julian Assange

9. 43 runs were scored in an over in the history of County Championship. Which bowler bowled this expensive over?
a) Ollie Robinson
b) Lewis Kibber
c) Robert Vance
Answer-A) Ollie Robinson

10. Who is the President of Kenya?
a) Jacob Zuma
b) Cyril Ramaphosa
c) William Ruto
Answer- C) William Ruto

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