Controversy is not a guarantee of a hit, a film will work only if the content is strong, this is the condition of controversial films

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The much talked about films 'Humare Barah' and 'Jahangir National University' released at the box office last week were completely rejected by the audience. This is the reason why the box office earnings of these films, released amid a lot of controversies, were reduced to lakhs on the first day itself. Some organizations had objected to the release of the film 'Humare Barah'. After this, the court banned its release. Later, after removing some controversial content in the film, it was allowed to release. At the same time, 'Jahangir National University' was to be released in the month of April. But due to the Lok Sabha elections, this film could not get approval from the censor board. Therefore, it has now been released after the elections. According to film experts, till now the controversy of a film was considered a guarantee of its being a hit. For example, Vivek Agnihotri's 'The Kashmir Files' and Sudipto Sen's 'The Kerala Story' were in tremendous controversies, but the next films of both the directors 'The Vaccine War' and 'Bastar: The Naxal Story' did not get any special response from the public.

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A scene from the film Jahangir National University

It is more important to have substance in the content than to be controversial

Experts say that for the general public, the content of a film is more important than its controversy. If a film comes into controversy, people also discuss it. But if its content is not strong, then it is difficult for it to work. 'The Kashmir Files' and 'The Kerala Story' were in controversy, but people liked them due to their content. After their release, controversial films continued to be released, but due to weak content, the audience did not like any other film.

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There are other films coming up that have been or may be controversial

However, in the coming days, the release of such films will continue which have already caused controversy or are going to cause controversy. For example, in July two films 'UP Files' and 'Accident Ya Saazish: Godhra' will be released. The film 'UP Files' is based on the politics of Uttar Pradesh. While 'Accident Ya Saazish: Godhra' is based on the train accident that happened in Godhra about two decades ago.

Sabarmati Report Teaser

Sabarmati report is based on the Godhra incident.

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Kangana Ranaut's 'Emergency' too

While Vikrant Massey's film 'The Sabarmati Report' which is ready for release in August is also based on the train accident in Godhra. These films were also postponed due to not getting the approval of the censor board during the Lok Sabha elections. The new release date of Kangana Ranaut's film 'Emergency' which is releasing this month has also been announced in the month of September. Even though the producers are hoping to push their films forward with the help of controversies, but the decision of the audience makes it clear that they are not affected by controversies but by the content of the film.

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