Congress's nursery is waiting for new flowers! Neither new energy is visible in the organization, nor is the movement gaining any momentum

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: For the progressive development of any political party, it is necessary that new energy keeps coming into it from time to time. Youth and student units are called the nurseries of political parties. But if we look at the last decade and a half, this nursery of Congress has become barren. According to experts, ever since there have been changes in the structure of both the organizations, the saplings coming out of these two organizations have become ineffective. Neither the next generation leaders are coming into the organization nor the Congress movements have that edge left, for which youthful enthusiasm is needed.

After winning six seats in UP in this Lok Sabha election, the Congress is preparing a strategy for the 2027 assembly elections. However, the way it wants to prepare political ground for itself by adopting the path of agitation, the biggest lack in it is youthful enthusiasm. Congress leaders also seem to be very concerned about this issue and believe that it is very important to revive the Youth Congress and NSUI. Also, they also see some shortcomings in the current system and methods, which they advocate to change. Let's know those reasons…

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Division of the organization into regions

The organization of Youth Congress is divided into two zones while the organization of NSUI is divided into three zones. In such a situation, the issues of each zone are different and their exposure is also different. Now suppose if there is a protest on any issue in Lucknow, then the Central Zone will participate in it while people of other zones do not participate in it with that much fairness. In such a situation, the strength of the organization is less visible on the ground. Apart from this, no single president has so much power that he can show his influence on the ground. When Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was made in-charge of UP, during her time, NSUI and Youth Congress had demanded to end the zonal system. At that time, assurance of change was given, but the matter could not move forward.

If he wins he becomes the President, if he loses he becomes the Vice President

In Youth and NSUI, the President and Vice President are elected through elections. The winner becomes the President, but the loser remains the Vice President. Now this committee has representatives of both the winner and the loser, so internal competition continues even after the elections, which hinders the expansion of the organization. In such a situation, experts believe that changes should be made in it.

No nomination facility

In Youth Congress and NSUI, office bearers are selected in the committee through election process for a long time. There is no provision for nomination. In such a situation, it is very difficult to bring good people from the student unit or youth wing of any other party because they cannot be made office bearers. In this way, the possibilities of expansion of student unit and youth wing are also very less.

Hope for change

Pranav Pandey, who has been the in-charge of Lucknow University from NSUI in UP, is currently the national secretary and is working as the in-charge of Maharashtra. Pranav says that a lot of changes are expected in the organization. There will be some changes in UP in the next two-three months. He says that Congress being out of power in UP for a long time and blunting of student politics are also big obstacles in the expansion of NSUI. Student union elections are held in Allahabad University, so the organization is much better there. He says that changes are bound to happen. Everyone is working towards strengthening NSUI and Youth Congress. A lot of changes will be seen in two-three months.

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