Congress is bleeding with lies… Modi surrounded Rahul by listing the list of false statements

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: The Prime Minister today launched a scathing attack on the Congress in the Lok Sabha. He also raised questions on the politics of the Congress. PM Modi accused the Congress in the Lok Sabha that they have made the politics of lies their weapon. These people lied to mothers and sisters. Not only this, on July 1, they also made false claims in the House on issues ranging from Agniveer Yojana to MSP. Which the whole country saw yesterday. Targeting the Congress in the Lok Sabha today, PM Modi said that just like the mouth of a man-eating animal has blood on it, similarly the mouth of the Congress also has the blood of lies on it. Congress has misled the countrymen, these people lied about giving Rs 8,500 every month to mothers and sisters. The hurt caused to the hearts of mothers and sisters due to this will destroy the Congress.

'Congress is busy spreading anarchy'

After this, PM Modi accused the Congress of creating a narrative of one caste against another and said that India has chosen the dream of becoming a developed country. At such a time, it is the misfortune of the country that the Congress party, which ruled for 6-6 decades, is engaged in spreading anarchy. They go to the South and speak against the people of the North. They go to the North and spew venom against the people of the West. They speak against great men. They have made every effort to divide on the basis of language.

It was our misfortune that we gave parliamentary tickets to those leaders who advocated separating a part of the country from India, this sin was committed by the Congress party. The Congress party is openly trying to pit one caste against another. The people of Congress are promoting the tendency to show the people of one part of the country as inferior. The Congress is also taking deliberate steps towards spreading economic anarchy in the country.

The third biggest defeat in the history of Congress

This is the first time in the history of Congress that it has failed to cross the 100 mark three times in a row. This is the biggest defeat for the third time in the history of Congress. This is the third worst performance. It would have been better if Congress had accepted its defeat, respected the orders of the people, and introspected but they are busy doing Shirshasana. Congress and its ecosystem are trying to put the idea in the minds of the citizens of India by burning electricity day and night that they have defeated us.

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