Congress is a parasite…PM Modi warned the allies of India's alliance in Lok Sabha

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday attacked the Congress in the Lok Sabha and also warned his allies. Responding to the discussion on the motion of thanks to the President's address, PM Modi said that I do not know whether the allies of Congress have analyzed this election or not. This election is also a message for the allies of Congress. Now from 2024, the Congress party will be known as the Parasitic Congress Party. The Congress of 2024 is the Parasitic Congress. A parasite is one who eats the body on which it lives. Congress also eats the votes of the party with which it forms an alliance.Where there is a direct contest, the strike rate of Congress is only 26 percent
PM Modi said that the Congress party thrives at the expense of its allies. That is why Congress has become a parasite Congress. When I am saying parasite, I am saying it on the basis of facts. I am presenting some figures. Wherever there was a direct contest between BJP and Congress or where Congress was the bigger party, the strike rate of Congress was only 26 percent. But where they walked holding someone's pallu, where they were junior partners and some party gave them something, the strike rate of Congress was 50 percent. He said that out of the 99 seats of Congress, most of the seats were won by its allies. That is why I say that this is a parasite Congress.

Congress got only 2 seats out of 64
In this election, the vote percentage of Congress has fallen in the 16 states where it contested alone. In Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, where Congress contested alone, it has got only two seats out of 64. This clearly means that in this election, Congress has become completely parasitic and has increased its number of seats by climbing on the shoulders of its allies. If Congress had not eaten the votes of its allies, it would have been very difficult for it to win so many seats in the Lok Sabha.

Congress wants to spread economic anarchy in the country- Modi

PM Modi said that the country has chosen the path of development. The country has chosen the dream of becoming a developed country. At such a time, it is the misfortune of the country that the Congress party, which ruled for 6-6 decades, is engaged in spreading anarchy. They go to the South and speak against the people of the North. They go to the North and spew venom against the people of the West. They speak against great men. They have made every effort to divide on the basis of language. It was our misfortune that we gave parliamentary tickets to those leaders who advocated separating a part of the country from India, which is a sin committed by the Congress party. Congress is also deliberately taking steps towards spreading economic anarchy in the country.

'Khatkhat Day was also celebrated yesterday on 1st July'
PM Modi said that Congress made lies a weapon of politics. Congress's lies have been caught. Yesterday, on July 1, the country also celebrated Khata-Khata Diwas. On July 1, people were checking their bank accounts to see if Rs 8500 had come into their accounts or not. See the result of this false narrative, Congress misled the countrymen in this election. Everyone is seeing the hurt that the lie of giving Rs 8500 every month has caused to the hearts of mothers and sisters. This is going to destroy Congress.

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