Combatting terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir… The force has been increased but it will take time to regain the old grip

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : The three attacks one after another in Jammu's Reasi, Kathua, Doda have again raised the same question that why terrorist incidents have suddenly increased in Jammu in recent times. After Rajouri-Poonch, Doda, Reasi have also become the target of terrorists. These areas were generally considered peaceful for about two decades but now the terrorists have started targeting not only the security forces but also common people and tourists. Questions are being raised on the intelligence system due to the continuous terrorist incidents.

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The amount of force that was withdrawn did not return

Indian Army forces – Romeo, Delta, Uniform Force were responsible for different areas here. But about four years ago, when tension with China increased on the LAC in eastern Ladakh and the situation reached violent clashes, the uniform force was removed from here and sent to the LAC. Three brigade size soldiers were reduced from here. Due to the reduction in their number, the remaining forces also got the responsibility of those areas where the uniform force was deployed. According to experts, the terrorists also took advantage of this and worked to stand up again. In the recent past, the Indian Army has deployed more soldiers to fill the gap in these areas, but according to sources, they still do not match the old number, that is, there is not as much force as four years ago. Along with this, to win the trust of the local people and to create a human intelligence network, one will have to work continuously and live among them. It will take time to fill the gap that has come in four years.

Jammu and Kashmir: Four attacks in four days, after Reasi, terrorists also attacked Kathua and Doda

Why are we not getting accurate intelligence from the police?

Here all the security forces together run operations against terrorists. Due to the reduced deployment of the army, their human intelligence network was affected because people trust only when you are constantly with them. The effect of the reduction in force was seen. But the question is also that Jammu and Kashmir Police is constantly present but why is human intelligence not being found against the terrorists? Terrorists are running away after carrying out the crime and why are they not being traced. According to experts, it is difficult for terrorists to operate without local support, in such a situation, the biggest weapon against terrorists is to strengthen human intelligence. According to sources, sometimes technical intelligence also fails because terrorists are using the latest technology and it is not so easy to catch the signal.

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