Coach was impressed with Kuldeep Yadav's performance, told the truth…the story is related to Wasim Akram

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Akhand Pratap Singh, Kanpur: The Indian team has created history by winning the ICC T20 World Cup. As soon as the Indian team defeated South Africa in the final match, there was a Diwali like atmosphere in the whole country. Everyone is thrilled with the victory of the Indian team. But, the atmosphere in Kanpur was different. Because, local boy Kuldeep Yadav (Kuldeep Yadav) also performed brilliantly throughout the World Cup. He is also continuously becoming a part of the team. Because of this, a different kind of enthusiasm was seen in Kanpur.

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Kuldeep Yadav, who is today known as the best chinaman bowler in the country, started his career from Rovers Club of Kanpur. Kuldeep Yadav's coach is Kapil Pandey (Kuldeep Yadav Coach Kapil Pandey) He told that in the year 2004, Kuldeep's father Shri Ram Singh Yadav brought him to his place. After this Kuldeep learnt the nuances of cricket here. Since then he is continuously making his name shine in the field of cricket on the basis of his talent.

Kuldeep wanted to become a fast bowler
You will be surprised to know that Kuldeep wanted to become a medium pace bowler and not a spinner. Initially, he used to practice pace bowling. But, when his coach saw that he could do spin better, he asked him to do spin. After this, when he did spin bowling, he started performing well consistently, his dream was to become a medium pace bowler like Wasim Akram. But today he has emerged as the best chinaman bowler of the country.

Spin bowling got recognition
Coach Kapil Pandey told that once Kuldeep Yadav was batting on Wasim Akram's ball.wasim akramWhen Wasim met Kuldeep, he said that he is his idol. He wants to become a medium pacer like him. Then Wasim told Kuldeep that it is good that you did not become like me, otherwise you would not have been here today.

Kanpur will be ready to welcome
Kapil Pandey further said that this time Kuldeep's welcome will be very memorable because he is coming after winning the World Cup. The whole of Kanpur will welcome him together.

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