Cinema makers will have to adopt this trick so that the box office remains busy throughout the year

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The box office, which has been waiting for the audience for the last few months, is lying empty. On the other hand, the producers of big films were also avoiding releasing their films. Meanwhile, the filmmakers are also making all kinds of efforts to bring back the glory of cinema halls. For example, the producers of a film are offering a free ticket on buying one ticket to attract more audience to watch their film, while the producers of some films are also being accused of doing corporate booking of their film and distributing its free tickets among the fans.

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In the last few months, the producers of many films surprised everyone by offering buy one get one free tickets in the first week itself. The surprising thing is that despite the buy one get one free ticket offer, these films did not receive the love of the audience. In fact, film industry experts do not agree with this measure of distributing free tickets.

You can't always wow the audience like that

He says that if a producer has invested his entire capital in making a film then how can he distribute its tickets at half price or for free. You cannot always lure the audience to watch your film in this way.

'Munjya' did wonders at the box office

The horror comedy film 'Munjya', which released in theatres last week, performed amazingly at the box office. Munjya, which earned more than 30 crores in the first week, achieved this feat without the presence of any big star. According to experts, the makers of the film were successful in attracting the audience by keeping the ticket prices low. At the same time, the good content of the film made up for the remaining shortcomings.

The audience was not behind in giving their love

Let us tell you that after the bumper earnings at the box office last year, the prices of tickets and food items in cinema halls have skyrocketed. Often the audience going to the cinema halls have been complaining about the increased prices of tickets. In such a situation, in the last few years, when the tickets of medium budget films became cheaper and their content was also good, the audience did not hesitate in giving them their love. This is the reason why the films 'Shrikant' and 'Mr. and Mrs. Mahi' released in the last few years also performed well at the box office.

Viewers watch only selected movies at expensive prices

According to film industry experts, the audience goes to the cinema to watch only selected big budget films. Such films of big stars are released only during festivals. But if you want to keep the box office alive throughout the year, then for that you will have to release medium budget films with good content at affordable prices for the audience.

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