Chinese President’s bodyguard stopped at BRICS conference, video goes viral

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Viral Video Surfaces During 15th BRICS Conference in Johannesburg

In a surprising turn of events at the ongoing 15th BRICS conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, a peculiar incident involving Chinese President Xi Jinping and his bodyguard has caught the attention of the public. The incident was captured on video and has since gone viral on various social media platforms.

Unusual Encounter on the Red Carpet

As President Xi Jinping walked the red carpet at the BRICS conference, accompanied by his bodyguard, a curious incident unfolded. The video footage clearly shows that as they approached the red carpet, one of Xi Jinping’s bodyguard colleagues was halted by security officers present at the scene. This unexpected development seemed to leave Xi Jinping momentarily bewildered. He looked back repeatedly, clearly perplexed by the situation.

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Bodyguard Left Behind

As President Xi Jinping proceeded along the red carpet, his bodyguard remained a few steps behind him. The viral video captures the moment when the bodyguard hurriedly tries to catch up to the Chinese President, but by then Xi Jinping had already entered through a nearby door. The bodyguard, in his attempt to follow, reaches the door just as South African security personnel prevent him from entering.

A Brief Moment of Confusion

The video clip shows a sudden change in Xi Jinping’s body language. He appears taken aback, momentarily stopping in his tracks, and then resuming his forward movement. He keeps looking back repeatedly, clearly concerned about the situation unfolding behind him. There seems to be some commotion outside the door, which adds to the perplexity of the moment.

Chinese President’s Address at BRICS Conference

During the BRICS conference, President Xi Jinping also took the opportunity to address the attendees. He emphasized the importance of increased security cooperation among the member countries. He urged the nations to distance themselves from divisive policies and instead stand together in unity. Xi Jinping stressed the need to enhance political and security cooperation as a means to promote global peace and harmony.

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