Canada PM Justin Trudeau’s Departure Delayed Due to Plane Issue

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Canada PM Justin Trudeau/ Flickr

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is currently facing travel delays in India due to a technical issue with his aircraft. Despite attending the G20 Summit in India over the weekend, he has been unable to return to Canada as planned. This article provides updates on the situation and the efforts being made to resolve it.

Delay Details: Justin Trudeau’s aircraft experienced a technical snag after the G20 Summit in India. The Canadian Armed Forces are working diligently to resolve the issue and facilitate the return of the Canadian delegation.

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Expected Departure Time: According to the Canadian PM’s office, there is optimism that Trudeau will be able to leave India by Tuesday afternoon. However, the situation remains fluid, and updates will be provided as it evolves.

Previous Aircraft Issue: This isn’t the first time Trudeau has faced aircraft trouble during a visit to India. In 2018, a similar issue with his plane led to a delay in his travel plans.

Aging Aircraft Fleet: Reports suggest that Canada’s fleet of aircraft, including those used for VVIPs like the Prime Minister, is aging. The government is in the process of replacing these older aircraft with newer models.

Global Aircraft Issues: Trudeau’s situation is not unique, as other VVIP aircraft worldwide have also experienced technical problems. For example, in August, the German Foreign Minister had to cancel a tour due to a snag in her Airbus A340 during refueling. Germany, like Canada, is in the process of phasing out older aircraft.

India’s Modernization Efforts: India recently acquired two Boeing 777 aircraft, which replaced three-decade-old jumbo jets used for international travel by the President, Prime Minister, and Vice President. This modernization is part of India’s efforts to ensure safe and efficient travel for its VVIPs.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Trudeau’s travel plans have been disrupted due to a technical issue with his plane. Efforts are underway to address the problem and facilitate his departure from India as soon as possible.

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