Brother Kush Sinha had come to the wedding to bless Sonakshi-Zaheer, dismissed the speculations

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Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal's wedding is still in the news. There is a debate going on from 'tension' in the family to 'love jihad'. People are divided into two groups on social media. One group is advocating them to live happily as per their wish, while the other group is giving arguments about religion. Meanwhile, it was being said that after some persuasion, father Shatrughan Sinha and mother Poonam Sinha attended the wedding, but both brothers Luv and Kush did not become a part of their sister's happiness. Luv had reacted to his absence, but now Kush has dismissed these rumors. He told that he was present at the wedding and also wished his sister all the best for the future. Sonakshi Sinha has two elder brothers. Luv and Kush. Both are twins. It was being said that both were unhappy with their sister's marriage and were maintaining distance. Now Kush Sinha has confirmed in an interview to News 18 that he was present at the wedding. Denying rumours of a family feud, Kush said, “I have already seen people publishing incorrect information. It started with an article published in a leading portal, which quoted an anonymous source. I don't know who is doing all this right now and where it is all coming from, but some houses have my photos (from the wedding day).” He also added that this is a very sensitive time for the family.

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'I am a private person, I was present at the wedding'

Kush Sinha, 41, said that the paparazzi covered the guests but he was not covered as he prefers to maintain a safe distance from the limelight. Kush further added, 'It's just that I am a private person and I am not seen much, but that doesn't mean I wasn't there. I was present and I wish the best for my sister and will always wish for her well being.'

Luv Sinha had said- give me a day or two

When Sonakshi's other brother Luv Sinha was asked about not attending the wedding, he told Hindustan Times, “Please give me a day or two. If I feel I can answer your question, I will.” According to a Hindustan Times report, a source said that Sonakshi's parents were present at the wedding and were very happy about the special day. However, her brother did not attend the wedding and the reception. Photographers did not see him entering the venue or exiting at the end. And everyone found it very strange.

The wedding took place at Sonakshi's house

Sonakshi and Zaheer have registered their marriage under the provisions of the Special Marriage Act. According to an IANS report, the civil marriage took place at the bride's new apartment 81 Aureate in Bandra West, Mumbai. Sonakshi bought this house last year and moved here after leaving her parents' house in 'Ramayan'. Reports suggest that Sonakshi has been living here with Zaheer for a year.

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