Brad Pitt, who already has 6 children, wants to become a father again at the age of 61, said this

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Brad Pitt, who already has 6 children, wants to become a father again at the age of 61, said this

Hollywood star Brad Pitt is already the father of 6 children, but now he wants more children. After marrying Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt became the father of 6 children and now he also wants children with girlfriend Ines de Ramon. It is known that the children of 61-year-old star Brad Pitt are between 15 and 22 years old. But since his divorce from Angelina Jolie in the year 2019, there has been tension between him and the children. He had a lot of disputes with both his sons Pax and Maddox and the relationship got spoiled. According to the report of 'Hindustan Times', Brad Pitt is badly broken due to the deteriorating relationship with the children. That's why he wants more children. According to the source, due to the deteriorating relationship and dispute with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt came close to jewelry designer Ines. Angelina and he got divorced in the year 2019, while they got married in 2014. Earlier, Brad Pitt married actress Jennifer Aniston in 2000 but got divorced from her in 2005.

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Brad Pitt with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie and children- BCCL

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Wants to go on a new journey with girlfriend, that's why wants more kids

At the same time, a source told 'Daily Mail' that Brad Pitt now wants to start a new journey with girlfriend Ines de Ramon, and is also thinking about family planning. The actor feels that Ines will be a good mother. The source said that Brad Pitt now wants to create new golden memories with Ines and wants to spend a happy life with children. Ines is still young and is only 34 years old. If she wants children, Brad Pitt will fully support her.


Brad Pitt with his girlfriend- BCCL

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Brad Pitt's relationship with his daughters also deteriorated

At the same time, not only the sons but also the daughters have strained relations with Brad Pitt. Daughter Shiloh filed a petition to legally remove 'Pitt' from her name on her 18th birthday. Elder daughter Zahara also uses her surname Jolie, not Pitt.

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