Board Exams | Big decision of NCF! Now board exams will be held twice a year

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New National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for School Education: Key Changes and Reforms

New Delhi: The Ministry of Education has recently introduced a comprehensive and forward-looking National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for school education, marking a significant shift in the assessment and learning landscape. This framework, aligned with the New Education Policy (NEP), brings forth transformative changes to board examinations, subject selection, and pedagogical approaches, aiming to enhance students’ holistic development and reduce academic stress. Let’s delve into the key reforms outlined in the new NCF:

Twice-Yearly Board Examinations with Best Marks Retention

One of the major revisions in the NCF pertains to board examinations. Going forward, board exams will be conducted twice a year, giving students the opportunity to choose the exam session in which they feel most prepared. This innovative approach not only mitigates the consequences of a single-day performance but also encourages continuous improvement. The practice of retaining the best marks from these two sessions further alleviates the undue pressure associated with a one-shot annual exam.

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Freedom in Subject Selection and Elimination of Stream Limitations

The new curriculum framework liberates students from conventional subject stream limitations. Instead of confining choices to the traditional Arts, Science, and Commerce streams, students will have the freedom to choose subjects according to their interests and aspirations. This shift recognizes the importance of fostering interdisciplinary learning and aligning education with individual preferences and career paths.

Language Studies and Indian Language Emphasis

The NCF underscores the significance of language studies by mandating students in classes 11th and 12th to study two languages. Crucially, at least one of these languages should be Indian. This approach promotes linguistic diversity and cultural understanding, aligning with the NEP’s emphasis on multilingualism and the preservation of regional languages.

Assessment Reforms for Stress Reduction

The document recognizes the undue stress caused by the existing examination model and introduces measures to alleviate it. The new approach focuses on assessing students’ understanding and skills rather than rote memorization. By introducing semi-annual board examinations, students have the option to attempt the exam a second time, thereby diminishing the anxiety associated with one-time high-stakes assessments.

Adoption of Semester or Periodical System

The NCF advocates for the adoption of a semester or periodical system for board examinations, enabling a more comprehensive evaluation of students’ progress. This shift aligns with global practices and allows for a more nuanced understanding of students’ capabilities over time, reducing the academic load per assessment.

Holistic Curriculum Framework Based on Age Groups

In alignment with the recommendations of the National Education Policy, the NCF classifies school education into four distinct levels: Foundation Level (3 to 8 years), Preparatory Level (8 to 11 years), Middle Level (11 to 14 years), and Secondary Level (14 to 18 years). This segmentation caters to students’ developmental stages and facilitates targeted pedagogical approaches.

Textbook Cost Reduction and Inclusive Learning

The NCF aims to make education more accessible by reducing the cost of textbooks. Additionally, it encourages an approach that goes beyond textbook coverage, focusing on deeper understanding and application of concepts. This shift promotes inclusive and effective learning experiences for all students.

The introduction of the new National Curriculum Framework reflects a visionary approach towards revamping India’s education system. By aligning with the principles of the NEP and integrating innovative assessment methodologies, the NCF paves the way for a more student-centric, flexible, and holistic learning journey.

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