Blue Beetle Review | A SuperHero Story That’s All in the Family

Ananya Shroff
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Cast: Jolo Mariduena, Bruna Markezin, Becky G, Damian Alcazar, George Lopez
Director: Angel Manuel Soto
Genre: English, Hindi, Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Duration: 2 Hours 2 Minutes

Blue Beetle Review

“In the race of life, everything else comes and goes. But during all this, our relationships and our family always stay with us.” This advice is given to the hero by his father at the beginning of the film. Thus, the theme of the film is established as a family-oriented superhero. After the COVID pandemic, DC Extended Universe (DCEU) superhero films are being released consistently in reopened cinemas. Following last year’s “Black Adam,” this year’s “Shazam” and “The Flash” have already hit theaters. This year also brings the release of “Aquaman” sequel. The enthusiasm among audiences for the film “Blue Beetle” can be gauged from the fact that a good number of people showed up for the morning shows as well.

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Story of “Blue Beetle”

This film tells the story of a young man who, despite financial struggles, was sent to study by his family. After completing his education, he returns to find out that the rent has tripled, necessitating his family to vacate their home. His father’s shop has also been sold. Besides his parents, his family includes a younger sister, grandmother, and an uncle. In order to help his family, he searches for a job.

During this time, he meets a girl who happens to be the owner of a big company. Meanwhile, a transformation occurs that turns this young man into the superhero “Blue Beetle.” On the other hand, the girl’s family members, who are planning to forcibly take control of her company, want to strip the young man of his powers. To gain control over him, they target his family. Can Blue Beetle save his family? You will find out when you watch the film.

Film Review

Generally, superheroes worry more about themselves and the world. But this new DC superhero “Blue Beetle” is refreshingly different. He not only maintains a strong bond with his own family but his family members are also willing to give and take for him. Now his girlfriend has also joined his family.

This nearly two-hour film takes you on an emotional and action-packed journey from the beginning and ends on an interesting note. While watching the film, you are reminded of the film “Venom” several times. The possibility of a sequel is left at the end of the film. Especially, the secrets of Blue Beetle’s family and his girlfriend’s father are yet to be revealed. All the characters in the film have given outstanding performances.

Why Watch:

If you enjoy superhero films, don’t miss the chance to meet this family-oriented superhero on the big screen with your whole family this week.

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Rating by Ronit Kawale 3.5 out of 5
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