BJP lost the most seats i.e. 63, Congress gained the most with 47 seats, whose claim to form the government is stronger

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BJP lost the most seats i.e. 63, Congress gained the most with 47 seats, whose claim to form the government is stronger

New Delhi: The results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 have come completely. The BJP-led NDA alliance has got 292 seats. At the same time, the Congress-led alliance has managed to win 234 seats. The BJP has not been able to touch the majority figure of 272 for the 543-member Lok Sabha on its own. It is 32 seats away from the majority. However, Narendra Modi is not going to face much difficulty in becoming PM for the third time, as the NDA has got 20 seats more than the majority. However, the game can happen in politics at any time. There is also a tug of war going on to form the government in the Congress-led Bharat alliance. It is also just 38 seats away from the majority figure. The exercise to form the government is going to intensify in the coming days. Today we will know how much the BJP has gained and how much loss in this election. Let us understand the results through the graphic.

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BJP suffered direct loss on 63 seats

In this Lok Sabha election, BJP has suffered a direct loss of 63 seats. Due to the loss of these seats, it failed to cross the majority mark. At the same time, compared to the 2019 Lok Sabha election, Congress has gained at least 47 seats. There were 543 seats in the Lok Sabha, out of which 317 seats were with the party that won last time.

BJP's vote percentage decreased slightly, Congress's increased

There has been a slight decrease in the vote percentage of BJP in this Lok Sabha election. The party's vote percentage was 37.3% in 2019, which has now come down to 36.6% in 2024. At the same time, the figure of Congress last time was 19.66%. This time its vote percentage increased to 21.3%, which benefited it by about 47 seats. Let us understand this through a graphic.

NDA got the biggest victory or defeat in these places

Andhra Pradesh and Odisha were the two states where NDA got the biggest victory. In 2024, NDA got 21 seats in Andhra Pradesh, which was 3 seats more than in 2019. At the same time, NDA got 19 seats in Odisha as compared to 11 seats last time. At the same time, UP, Maharashtra and Rajasthan were the states where the party suffered a big setback. Last time NDA got a total of 126 seats in these three states, which this time came down to 68. The party lost 58 seats in these places. Let us understand from the graphic given below.


India Block is performing well in these states

The Congress-led Bharat Alliance has played an important role in giving it a big victory in UP, Maharashtra as well as Rajasthan, Karnataka and Bihar. Bharat Block has got 43 seats in UP this time, which was only 37 last time. Bharat Alliance has got 29 seats in Maharashtra this time, whereas last time it had got only 20 seats from here. The alliance has also got a slight lead in Karnataka, Bihar and Rajasthan. Let us understand this also from the graphic given below.

India Block

The role of regional parties increased in 6 states

The influence of regional parties has once again increased in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. These regional parties are either in a position to form the government or are in the role of kingmakers.

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