BJP does not want any laxity in Mission South… Understand the meaning of Amit Shah's advice to T. Sundararajan

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Before the Lok Sabha elections, BJP was considered weak in the South, but when the election results came on June 4, BJP performed well in Karnataka, Telangana as well as Andhra Pradesh. However, BJP faced disappointment in Tamil Nadu and BJP and its allies could not win even a single seat there. In such a situation, when Chandrababu Naidu was taking oath as the CM of Andhra Pradesh, something happened on the stage. Which is now being interpreted in many ways.

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First, know what happened

Union Home Minister Amit Shah was seen reprimanding former Tamil Nadu BJP chief and former Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan for making inappropriate remarks publicly on stage at the swearing-in ceremony of Andhra Pradesh CM. In fact, in an interview to a YouTube channel a few days ago, Tamilisai Soundararajan had said that the party's performance would have been better if the party's alliance with AIADMK had remained intact. She further said that the party used to discourage and ignore anti-social elements. But recently, many such elements have joined the party and taken up positions in some districts. Such practices should be stopped, and ordinary workers who work hard for the party should get their due place. This does not mean that I think he (Annamalai) is a bad leader. Not at all, different leaders take decisions in different ways. Just a few days after this interview, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has warned her.

BJP's state vice president also tweeted

Sharing it on social media, BJP's state vice-president of social media cell Karthik Gopinath wrote that it seems Amit Shah ji has given a stern warning to Tamilisai Akka. But what could be the reason for this 'public' warning? Inappropriate public comment? Karthik Gopinath is considered close to Annamalai.

BJP does not want any kind of conflict in the party

Annamalai, who emerged as the new poster boy of BJP in the South in the Lok Sabha elections 2024, was praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself in the NDA Parliamentary Party meeting. In such a situation, when BJP leader Tamilisai Soundararajan, who had a score of 36 with Tamil Nadu BJP President Annamalai, blamed Annamalai for the defeat of BJP in the Lok Sabha elections in an interview, many BJP leaders opposed it. Also, Annamalai's supporters also opposed it a lot. Only after that Union Home Minister Amit Shah kept advising Tamilisai Soundararajan at the swearing-in ceremony. Actually, BJP does not want any kind of discord within its own party. Due to which the party's mission South gets spoiled. That is why Home Minister Amit Shah reprimanded Tamilisai Soundararajan on the stage that if such conflicts continue to happen within the party, then how will she be able to take this mission forward.

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