Biometric system will stop fake voting, experts advised

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi : After postal ballots, complaints of fake voting keep coming up in elections conducted using EVMs. To eliminate such problems during elections, experts have suggested voting using biometric system. This will stop fake voting in someone else's name, voting in the name of a dead person and if any strongman tries to capture the booth and cast votes in his favour, then that too can be stopped. There can be many such benefits of voting using biometric system. Along with this, voters will also get relief from long queues to a great extent. It will take very little time to identify a voter using biometric system.

Former Election Commissioner OP Rawat told the benefits

In this matter, former Chief Election Commissioner OP Rawat said that voting through biometric system will have many benefits. This will not only curb fake voting but another big benefit will be that the votes of migrant voters who leave their homes in large numbers for work, jobs or any other work will also be cast through biometric system. Such voters will also be able to vote through biometric system and that too in a completely identity-based manner. Just, polling centers will have to be made for them in those areas where they have gone as laborers.

Rawat said that the work of upgrading the voter list with the biometric system has also started. The work of linking voter cards with voluntary Aadhaar started in 2015. In just four months, Aadhaar cards of 30 crore voters were linked to voter cards. Later the matter went to court. In 2020, a proposal regarding this was also sent to the government. More work is yet to be done on this.

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How will this system work?

Experts say that despite the voting system being connected to biometrics, EVMs cannot be connected to any biometric or any other external gadget. A device will be installed at every polling booth to conduct voting through the biometric system. A voter can be identified by placing a finger or thumb on it. Then as soon as the voter's identity is confirmed, his vote will be cast. If there is any technical problem in identifying a voter in the system, then that voter can be identified just like the existing system. The commission is working on this, but it has not been finalized.

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