Betting App Fraud | In 9 days a Chinese citizen swept the accounts of 1200 Indians

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Chinese National Scams Indians of Rs 1400 Crores Through Betting App: A Tale of Deception

In an unfortunate incident fueled by the lure of money, a Chinese national managed to swindle approximately Rs 1400 crores from the accounts of 1200 Indian individuals. Exploiting the innate desire for wealth, this cunning individual enticed people in Gujarat with promises of substantial earnings through a betting app. This scam artist resided in India for a period of two years, weaving his web of deceit and manipulation.

The Deceptive Scheme

According to reports from the Gujarat Police, the Chinese citizen collaborated with Indian accomplices to target individuals aged 15 to 75 through fraudulent means. The fraudulent activity was executed through an app known as “Danidata.” The mastermind behind this operation, Wu Yuanbe, hailing from the Shenzhen region of China, executed his fraudulent scheme primarily in the Patan and Banaskantha areas of Gujarat. Authorities became aware of the scam in June 2022, subsequently launching an investigation into the matter.

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Chinese National’s Presence in India

Investigations unveiled that the Chinese national had been in India from 2020 to 2022. During his stay, he engaged with numerous locals, particularly in the Patan and Banaskantha regions. Utilizing persuasion, he lured them into his scheme, promising substantial monetary gains. Together with his partners in Gujarat, they launched the fraudulent app in May 2022, enticing users with the prospect of high returns through betting activities.

Magnitude of the Fraud

Preliminary findings suggest that the Chinese individual managed to pilfer an estimated Rs 200 crores on a daily basis through the betting app fraud. This staggering operation persisted for nine days before abruptly halting. As of now, the scam has targeted around 1200 individuals, resulting in the loss of Rs 1400 crores collectively.

Collaborators and Apprehensions

Nine individuals have been apprehended by the police for their involvement in aiding the Chinese national in his scheme. These collaborators facilitated the movement of money through a hawala network by creating fictitious companies. However, by the time the Gujarat police initiated action in August 2022, the Chinese fraudster had already returned to China. Due to insufficient evidence, the extradition process has yet to be initiated against him.

Conclusion | Betting App Fraud

The unfortunate saga involving the Chinese national’s fraudulent betting app serves as a grim reminder of the lengths some individuals will go to exploit the desire for financial gain. The scam’s far-reaching impact and the collaboration of Indian accomplices underscore the complexity of modern-day fraud. The investigation’s ongoing nature reflects the authorities’ commitment to seeking justice for those who fell victim to this sophisticated web of deception.

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