Bengaluru Blast: Narrow Escape for This Bihar Techie at Rameshwaram Cafe

Orhan Wadia
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The bomb blast at Rameshwaram Cafe in Bengaluru, reported at 1 pm on Friday, has left the city in shock, raising concerns about security and law and order. Amid dozens of IT professionals having their lunch inside the cafe, one techie, Kumar Alankrit, hailing from Bihar, narrowly escaped the blast, all thanks to a timely phone call from his mother.

Software engineer Kumar Alankrit, aged 24, found himself in a close call with death during the IED blast at the popular Bengaluru cafe. Initially, he believed the blast to be from a gas cylinder explosion. However, a call from his mother became a lifesaver. Alankrit, who was midway through his lunch, stepped out of the cafe to take the call, just moments before the blast occurred, injuring nine people.

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Speaking to The Indian Express, Alankrit shared, “I had finished my idli and was about to eat dosa. My mother called me over the phone, and I walked some 10 meters away to talk to her, which saved my life.”

“My mother called me just to inquire how the day was going and also she was checking whether I had lunch. I had moved some 10-15 meters away from where the blast took place, and it saved me. It took me a while to come to terms that I remained unhurt,” he added.

Alankrit has been working in Bengaluru for the past year, and visiting Rameshwaram Cafe has become a daily routine for him.

“Initially, the local people and even I believed that it was a domestic cylinder blast, and I rushed to help some of the injured. I stayed for some 45 minutes after the incident. There were about more than 100-150 people in the cafe when the incident took place. It was only in the evening after going through media reports I came to know that it was a bomb blast,” Alankrit told Express.

In the aftermath of the blast, at least nine people were injured, and the Bengaluru central crime branch detained four individuals in connection with the IED blast. The police force has stated that they are close to identifying the prime accused in the case.

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