'Be it Nehru or Indira, Congress governments never gave the post of Speaker or Deputy Speaker to the opposition'

Ananya Shroff
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'Be it Nehru or Indira, Congress governments never gave the post of Speaker or Deputy Speaker to the opposition'

New Delhi: Om Birla has once again been elected the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. However, before his election as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, a fierce battle was witnessed over this. A war of words was witnessed between the BJP and the Congress. The Bharatiya Janata Party rejected the claim of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi that there has been a tradition of appointing a Deputy Speaker from the opposition party to the post of Lok Sabha Speaker. The BJP presented several examples where both the posts of Speaker and Deputy Speaker in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies have been held by the ruling party. BJP spokesperson Shahzad Poonawala said in a post on X, 'It is very shameful that the Congress is giving a political color to the election of the Speaker, which should be fair.'

Shahzad Poonawala said, 'Rahul Gandhi is saying that it is a tradition that the Deputy Chairman should be from the opposition and this was the first condition to support the Speaker. Such a condition is shameful.' He raised the question whether his own family followed the tradition he is talking about? Poonawala gave an example and said that when Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister, M. Ananthasayanam Iyengar (1952-1956), Hukum Singh (1956-1962) and SV Krishnamurthy Rao (1962-67) were Deputy Chairman. All of them were from Congress, while the Speaker was also from the same party. During Indira Gandhi's tenure also, RK Khadilkar of Congress was Deputy Chairman from 1967-1969.

The BJP leader also shared details of states held by the Congress and its allies, where both the posts were held by the same party. In West Bengal, Trinamool Congress' Biman Banerjee is the speaker and his party colleague Ashish Banerjee is his deputy. In Tamil Nadu, DMK's M. Appavu is the speaker and K. Pichandi is the deputy speaker. In Karnataka, Congress' UT Khader Fareed is the speaker and RM Lamani is the deputy speaker.

Shahzad Poonawala also mentioned Kerala. He said that in Kerala, LDF's AN Shamseer (CPI-M) is the speaker and Chittayam Gopakumar is the deputy speaker. The post of deputy speaker is vacant in Telangana and Jharkhand. There is a Congress government in Telangana, while its ally JMM is in power in Jharkhand. Shahzad Poonawala said that just like the Congress was lying on the issue of Protem Speaker, it is lying here as well.

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