Be it China, Russia or big companies… why do they use fake women for clicks?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Many fake accounts of women are running on social media for clicks. Be it countries like China and Russia or big companies, all use these fake accounts to set their agenda. Recently, Wen-Ping Liu, who researches fake news, investigated some Chinese social media accounts influencing Taiwan's elections. In this investigation, he found a shocking thing. Most of the fake accounts were in the name of women. In fact, fake accounts claiming to be women get more influence than men's accounts. Liu, an investigating officer of Taiwan's Justice Ministry, said, 'The easiest way to gain credibility is to call yourself a woman.'

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Fake accounts of women are being created from China to Russia

Be it propaganda agencies of China or Russia, online scammers or chatbots run by artificial intelligence, disguising oneself as a woman proves beneficial for everyone. This is proof that no matter how much technology progresses, it is still very easy to deceive the human mind. This happens because our old social beliefs, which come from the real world and also exist in the virtual world, easily influence our minds. Sylvie Borau, an online researcher from Toulouse, France, says, 'If you want to bring some emotion and intimacy to the conversation, then choosing a woman's voice and face is the easiest way.' According to Borau's research, Internet users generally prefer 'female' bots and consider them more human-like than male bots. He said that people generally consider women to be more friendly, less dangerous and more emotional than men.

Chat GPT had also developed a female voice

When the artificial intelligence company OpenAI was looking for a new voice for their ChatGPT program, their CEO Sam Altman approached Scarlett Johansson. Altman told her that users would like her voice more than the voice of the virtual assistant in the movie Her. However, Johansson rejected Altman's offer and even threatened to sue the company if they used a voice that was too similar to Johansson's. OpenAI then had to put the new voice on hold.

Users are attracted to women's profiles

This is just one example of how women are exploited in the online world. Several studies have shown that male users are generally more attracted to female profile pictures, especially those in which the women look attractive and are wearing revealing clothes. An analysis of over 40,000 profiles showed that women's profiles are viewed three times more often than men's. The study also found that women who underreport their age are viewed the most.

What did the United Nations suggest?

A report by the United Nations (UN) suggests that an even more obvious reason why so many fake accounts and chatbots are disguised as women is that most of the people who create them are men. The report says that bringing more diversity into programming and artificial intelligence (AI) development could reduce gender stereotyping in their products.

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