Baloch Yakjehti Committee plans protest against “eradication” of Baloch people

Ronit Kawale
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The Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) has planned a national gathering to draw attention to and protest against the systematic extermination of the Baloch people in Pakistan.

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BYC organiser Mehrang Baloch on Saturday said that detailed information about the Baloch National Assembly will be announced on the organisation's official YouTube channel this evening. This information was received through a social media post of BYC on X.

The purpose of this gathering is to draw attention to and protest the “systematic destruction” of the Baloch people. BYC has urged all supporters to join their gathering and express solidarity with the Baloch community in their quest for justice and dignity.

According to BYC, the event aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the Baloch population and advocate for their rights amid ongoing conflicts. It serves as a platform for unity and collective action to address issues that impact the well-being and future of the Baloch people.

According to BYC, the well-being and future of the Baloch people are deeply affected by a number of critical issues, particularly human rights violations and issues related to natural resources. Human rights violations, including enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and arbitrary detentions, are rampant in Balochistan.

The organisation claimed that these violations create a pervasive atmosphere of fear and insecurity among the population, undermining their ability to live freely and securely. Furthermore, the exploitation of Balochistan's abundant natural resources, such as gas, minerals and fisheries, has often occurred without equitable distribution of benefits to local Baloch communities, the organisation said.

This economic marginalisation exacerbates poverty and unemployment, widens socio-economic inequalities and impedes sustainable development in the region. The combination of human rights violations and exploitation of natural resources underscores the urgent need for advocacy and interventions to address these systemic challenges and uphold the rights and well-being of the Baloch people, BYC said.

Global bodies have condemned the violations against the Baloch people and urged Pakistan to investigate and prosecute those responsible and ensure the protection of fundamental rights in Balochistan.

In early June, the Baloch Yakjehti Committee highlighted the situation of family members amid cases of enforced disappearances. It said Baloch families continue to protest in Turbat demanding the safe return of their loved ones.

“Eid has come and gone, but Baloch families continue to protest at Shaheed Fida Chowk Turbat demanding the safe return of their loved ones who have been missing since Eid. The district administration had earlier given them false assurances of the release of their loved ones. Now, no state authority has come forward to meet their demands,” BYC posted on X.

According to the statement, the protesters included families of enforced disappearances such as Fateh, Nisar Karim, Rafiq, Meeras Hussain and Jaan Mohammad, all of whom have been missing since 2023.

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