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Preity Zinta spoke English in such a way that people started making fun of her, said- it sounds very funny

After Kiara Advani who recently attended the '77th Cannes Film Festival', now

Ronit Kawale Ronit Kawale

India will emerge as an economic superpower in the upcoming global economic scenario

Although the risk of global recession has diminished, inflation concerns remain imminent,

Ronit Kawale Ronit Kawale

Fashion designer should get a 16 gun salute! Amazing dress made from car parts

Everyone knows American singer, songwriter and actress Lady Gaga. She is talked

Ronit Kawale Ronit Kawale

If not Dravid, then what is lacking in Gambhir? Who can understand our cricket better than him?

Highlights Gautam Gambhir understands Indian domestic cricket He has experience of playing

Ronit Kawale Ronit Kawale

Get rid of frizzy and damaged hair forever, prepare a protein-rich hair mask like this

In this summer season, due to dust, dirt and sweat, our hair

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