Australia had refused to play the series, Afghanistan's revenge will be remembered

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New Delhi. The Afghanistan team surprised everyone by defeating Australia in a big event like the ICC T20 World Cup. This achievement achieved by Captain Rashid Khan's team will always be remembered. Afghanistan's victory against Australia in the Super 8 has been recorded in the pages of history. Surprisingly, just a few months ago, Cricket Australia had refused to play a bilateral series with Afghanistan.

Australia, which reached the Super 8 by winning four consecutive matches in the ICC T20 World Cup, continued its undefeated campaign by winning the first match in the second round as well. After defeating Bangladesh in the first Super 8 match, its intention was to secure a ticket to the semi-finals by defeating Afghanistan but this did not happen. Rashid Khan's team defeated Australia by a big margin. The inspiration for this victory probably came from Cricket Australia's decision not to play a T20 series with Afghanistan in April this year.

Did Afghanistan avenge its humiliation?
Till now, the Afghanistan Cricket Board had offered to play a bilateral series with Cricket Australia several times but every time it was postponed citing the Taliban as an excuse. The Taliban has banned women's participation in sports. Cricket Australia said that it cannot play a cricket series with Afghanistan due to the Taliban and its ban on sports.

Cricket Australia rejected the offer
In 2021, Cricket Australia first decided to cancel the one-off Test match with Afghanistan. The second time a proposal was made for a 3-match ODI series with Afghanistan in the UAE in 2023 which was rejected. Cricket Australia also postponed the T20 series scheduled to be held in August this year.

first published : June 23, 2024, 3:07 pm IST

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