At what time will the match start and when will the entire game end? When will a 10-over match be possible?

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Both India and South Africa are strong contenders to win the World Cup.Rohit Sharma and co missed out on winning the World Cup last year in India.There is a chance of rain in Barbados today.

New Delhi. The final match of the T20 World Cup 2024 between India and South Africa is going to be held in Barbados, West Indies. The shadow of rain is looming over this match. According to Indian time, the sky was clear in the late evening and the sun was also out. However, it cannot be denied that rain can disrupt the match. It is natural for the fans to have this question in their mind whether the match between India and South Africa will be of full 20-20 overs or not. Due to the disruption of rain, sports lovers can also get to see a match of 10-10 overs.

Although a reserve day has been kept for this match, but the umpires will try their best to decide the result of the match today itself. According to ICC rules, if the game does not start for more than 60 minutes, then the match will be of 40 overs. Therefore, if the match starts at 9 o'clock according to Indian time, then the entire game will be seen. After this, the number of overs will be reduced.

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When will a 10-10 over match be possible?
To continue the match, each team has to bat for at least 10 overs. In such a situation, there is a buffer time of 190 minutes. This means that the play of 10 overs per team cannot start after 11.10 pm Indian time. If the match is not able to start even after this, it will be cancelled. After this, the match will be played on the reserve day the next day.

…then the result will come out from the super over
If the match cannot be played due to rain even on the reserve day, the umpires will organize a super over. The team that wins the super over will also win the World Cup. If the super over cannot be played due to rain, then both teams will be jointly declared the World Cup winners.

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