As soon as Kamal Haasan met Dilip Kumar, tears came in his eyes, he said- I used to kneel before him

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Kamal Haasan started working in films as a child artist and now he has been in the film industry for 64 years. The actor is still as passionate about films as he was in 1960. Before the release of Lyca Production's 'Indian 2' (Hindustani 2 in Hindi), Kamal Haasan spoke in detail about his upcoming film. He also told why he had tears in his eyes when he saw Dilip Kumar for the first time. Kamal Haasan spoke to 'Pinkvilla'. He told that he considers Shivaji Ganesan as his inspiration. But when he met Dilip Kumar, everything suddenly changed. Kamal Haasan used to think that there is only one star in the world, that is Shri Shivaji. But when he met Dilip Kumar, he was proved wrong. He said, 'I found another shining star named Dilip Kumar Sahab. And this happened later because I was born in the southern end of this country. Otherwise I might have found Dilip Kumar Sahab earlier.'

Kamal Haasan was a fan of Dilip Kumar

Praising Dilip Kumar and revealing that he watched his films much later in his life, Kamal Haasan said, 'He is one of the greatest actors India has ever produced and way ahead of most actors of his time. He is very international and it took me a while to understand him. And for various political reasons, Hindi films were made less. So I watched Dilip Kumar's films much later.' Kamal Haasan revealed that when they were about to work together on a film called 'Saagar', Javed Akhtar scolded him for not watching Dilip Kumar's films. The first thing he told him was to watch Ganga Jamuna so that Javed Akhtar's work would become easier.

Kamal Haasan had tears in his eyes

Kamal Haasan shared the story of his first meeting with Dilip Kumar and it was a few days after watching Ganga Jamuna. He said, 'I met Dilip Kumar sahab two days later and it was the silver jubilee celebration of Ek Duje Ke Liye. And I shook hands with him and I had tears in my eyes because the impact of Ganga Jamuna was still on me.'

Dilip Kumar was angry with Kamal Haasan

Recalling his conversation with Dilip Kumar, the Vishwaroopam actor said, 'I said, I saw your film, sir. He could see that I was emotional and he was trying to tell which film. And he asked this question – which film of mine did you see? And I said Ganga Jamuna. He got angry. He was angry. Then I felt that I was surpassing his work.' Kamal Haasan told that 'After that, almost every December, I used to go to his house, kneel in front of him and kiss his hands. This shows that I am more of a fan of his than a film actor.'

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