Are you falling in love? These 5 things will tell you that you are in love with someone

Ananya Shroff
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Have you fallen in love? If you have recently started talking to someone then it is possible that you have fallen in love with them, but this is neither a fever that can be measured with a thermometer nor is it the salt in a vegetable that can be detected by tasting it.
This is a very special feeling that you must have felt and everyone falls in love once in their life. But how do we know that our heart is beating in love for someone? Just to remove this confusion of yours, today in this article we are going to tell you about some such things and symptoms, by which you can find out that you have really fallen in love with someone.

being lost in thoughts

You might have heard that a person falls in love, but if you are experiencing this feeling yourself, getting lost in the thoughts of that person all the time, thinking about that person while talking to someone, then you are definitely in love. Stop fooling your heart and convince yourself that you are in love.

Getting bothered

Do you miss something even when you are with everyone? Or do you feel sad even after having a good day? If yes, then it is sure that you are in love. If your heart is restless for someone, then believe me you are slowly falling in love.

creation of imagination

creation of imagination

One thing that happens to everyone in love is imagination. If you have started thinking a lot about someone, have started seeing yourself as a couple while watching a movie and have started associating everything with them, not just in your thoughts, then you are definitely falling in love with someone or have already fallen in love.

Paying too much attention to yourself

Paying too much attention to yourself

It often happens that we do not pay much attention to our clothes, lifestyle and personal things, but if for the last few days you have started paying attention to every small thing or your dressing sense has started changing and you have started smiling after looking at yourself in the mirror again and again, then it is guaranteed that you have fallen in love with someone. Recognize your feelings and express it to the person you are slowly falling in love with.

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