Anupam Kher wrote- One should not be too honest! Does this have any connection with BJP's defeat in Ayodhya?

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The results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 were shocking. Counting of votes took place on all 543 seats on June 4. There was a tough fight between the NDA and the All India Alliance, although this time too the lotus has bloomed. Amidst all this, the most discussed topic is Ayodhya, where Ram temple was built after 500 years, the entire city was beautified from the airport to the railway station, the people there voted more for the Samajwadi Party instead of the BJP and made it win. Amidst this discussion, now Bollywood actor Anupam Kher has shared a cryptic note, which people are linking to the defeat of BJP. People say that his displeasure is clearly visible in this post. Anupam Kher wrote on Instagram, 'Sometimes I feel that an honest person should not be too honest. In the forest, only straight-stemmed trees are cut first. A very honest person has to suffer the most. But still he does not give up his honesty. That is why he becomes a source of inspiration for crores of people. Jai Ho.' Sharing this post, he wrote in the caption, 'Satya…'

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People supported Anupam Kher

anupam kher post

People supported Anupam Kher

People are reacting in large numbers to this post of Anupam Kher. Many people completely agree with the actor's words. One user wrote, 'Ayodhya is not ashamed and has forgotten the killing of karsevaks.' Another commented, 'If you look at the past history, we remained slaves for 400 years because of this.' Another wrote, 'People of Ayodhya should be ashamed.' People are criticizing the people of Ayodhya a lot.

BJP lost, SP candidate won

It is known that the eyes of the whole country were fixed on Faizabad Lok Sabha seat (Ayodhya) of Uttar Pradesh. The people here have defeated BJP's Lallu Singh. SP candidate Awadhesh Prasad has won from here.

Anupam Kher congratulated Kangana Ranaut

Earlier, Anupam Kher had congratulated Bollywood actress-turned-politician Kangana Ranaut on winning the election from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. He wrote, 'My dear Kangana! Congratulations on your spectacular victory. You are a rockstar. Your journey is very inspiring. I am happy for you and the people of Himachal Pradesh and Mandi. You have proved that if you work hard, anything can happen. Jai Ho.'

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