Answering brick with stone… Staying out of the league stage, creating havoc in Super 8

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Answering brick with stone… Staying out of the league stage, creating havoc in Super 8


Kuldeep has taken 5 wickets in 2 matches of this World Cup The slow pitches in West Indies are conducive for Kuldeep's bowling

New Delhi. Indian cricket team's wrist spinner Kuldeep Yadav is wreaking havoc in the Super 8 round of T20 World Cup 2024. Kuldeep did not get a chance in the group matches of the World Cup played in America. Kuldeep has impressed a lot with his bowling in the first two matches of the Super 8 being played in the Windies. The pitches of the Windies are excellent for Kuldeep Yadav, who believes in giving a befitting reply, where he is getting consistent success. Kuldeep has been India's best spinner in all formats for more than a year now.

Kuldeep Yadav is proving to be very effective on the spinner-friendly pitches of West Indies. He has taken 5 wickets in two matches. This includes 3 wickets taken against Bangladesh on Saturday. One reason for Kuldeep's success is his aggressiveness in bowling. He said that he never compromises on his length. He said, 'Length matters a lot for any spinner in the world. In this format, you have to understand what the batsman is thinking of doing. For this, one has to be very aggressive. This helped me in the IPL and now in the T20 World Cup as well.'

IND vs AUS: Team India would like to enter the semi-finals by staying on top, Australia may be out

…so I could not sleep the whole night in Mumbai, the same will happen today too…after defeating Australia, the Afghan captain spoke his heart out

'I was America's 12th player'
Now he has to face the toughest test against Australia on Monday. When asked how he sticks to his strategy when the batsmen are trying to hit fours and sixes, he said, 'When the opposing team needs 10 or 12 runs per over and the batsmen are eager to hit your balls, it is only important to maintain the length.' According to Kuldeep, 'When they try to attack you, you should have a strategy. In such a situation, the chances of taking wickets are higher.'

Carrying drinks was like playing: Kuldeep
Kuldeep indicated that he was briefed about the team combination in the West Indies. He said, 'I did not play in America. I was the 12th player there and was carrying drinks. It was like playing. I did not bowl there but wanted to. The wicket there was like Australia. I made my T20 and ODI debut here in 2017 and I knew the conditions there. Bowling here is a good experience for a spinner.' The Indian team has almost confirmed its place in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup. Team India has to face Australia on Monday in its last Super 8 match. This match is a do or die for Australia. The Australian team may be out of the World Cup by losing this match.

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