Annu Kapoor apologized to Kangana, wrote a post and said- Respected sister, I do not know you

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One of the seasoned actors of Bollywood, 'Humare Bahar' actor Annu Kapoor has now clearly said that he does not know Kangana Ranaut at all about who she is. During the promotion of his film 'Humare Bahar', he said something about Kangana Ranaut, which is not leaving him alone. Actually, Annu Kapoor had reacted to the slapping incident related to Kangana during the promotion of his recently released film. However, Kangana is not one of those who keep quiet, she also responded to these things of Annu Kapoor on social media.

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Annu Kapoor has now given his clarification on the things said about Kangana and has expressed his views on Twitter i.e. X. Annu has written on Twitter – Not knowing a person is not a crime. He has expressed his views in clear words about Kangana on X.

'Dear sister Kangana, the answers to the questions asked in the media are being misinterpreted, so I thought of revealing some facts.

1. For me every woman is respectable and worthy of respect. That is why I can never disrespect any woman.
2. I don't watch movies, TV, OTT, news channels or newspapers, so you can call me stupid if you want. Being stupid is not a crime.
3. Making a mistake due to not knowing the system or laws and rules of any country can be a crime and punishment but apart from this not knowing any particular person or place or thing is not a mistake or crime.
4. So respected sister, I do not know you, so please do not include this matter in the category of disrespect to women's dignity.
5. When the media asks questions, understand that they want spice from contemporary issues, which they got from my outspokenness. I have nothing to do with politics and religion, and since I have nothing to do with religion, I have nothing to do with irreligion either.
6. I am a very small and ordinary person. I have no special qualities. I have never thought or said any wrong or insulting words. I am responsible for what I said, not for what people understood.
7. But still if you are saddened by anything I said then please forgive me.
I wish you success in your goal. I wish that all of us become more aware of our duties than our rights.

Keep raining on the fields like a monsoon
May the fragrance of sandalwood remain in the country
People should extract gold from the soil
and you grow pearls in the sand

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Annu Kapoor'

Annu Kapoor had said these things about Kangana

Let us tell you that recently in an event, Annu Kapoor had replied to a question asked about Kangana's slapping incident, 'Who is this Kangana, is she a big heroine, is she beautiful? On which someone said – she has become an MP. On this Annu had said, 'Oh, she also became an MP. If I have said something like this then first of all Annu Kapoor talks nonsense, then if someone slapped me then I will go through the legal process for this.' After this Kangana also replied to these things of Annu Kapoor.

Kangana replied to Annu Kapoor

Kangana has shared a post on Instagram story. Kangana posted that video of Annu and wrote, 'Do you agree with Annu Kapoor that we hate a successful woman. At the same time, if she is beautiful then we hate her even more and if she is powerful then we hate her even more, is this true?'

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