Anil Kapoor is impressed by the beauty of this beauty of 'Bigg Boss OTT 3', the style of the public agent is different from others

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The third season of 'Bigg Boss OTT' has been in the news since its start. This time many unique contestants are entertaining the audience and are succeeding in winning everyone's heart with their style from the very first day. This time a beauty has also come in the show, who captivated everyone with her beauty as soon as she came on stage. Not only this, the show's host Anil Kapoor also could not stop himself from praising this beauty.

Actually, the beauty we are talking about is Sana Sultan. She entered the Bigg Boss house wearing a white Anarkali suit and won everyone's heart with her style and speaking style. Everyone likes Sana's poetic style and Urdu lyrics, and her fashion is also amazing. Let's take a look at the fashionable style of this public agent of Bigg Boss house. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @sanakhan00)

Killer looks seen in lehenga

The premiere of Bigg Boss has started from 21st June, in which there is an outsider among the 15 contestants. And this outsider or should we say public agent is Sana, who has not only become famous with her dialect, but fans are also liking her. Her style is also very killer. Whether she wears western clothes or traditional, she looks amazing in every look. For example, here her style in bridal lehenga dressed like a bride is worth watching.

she looks the most beautiful in a suit

Sana's Instagram is full of her beautiful pictures. She is often seen wearing suits. In which her unique style is the most killer. Here she is seen in two different types of heavy embroidered suits. In one of these, her stylish look was seen with open hair and earrings, while her style with pallu on the head is also quite killer.

caused havoc here

caused havoc here

Now Sana is beautiful in appearance, but her killer style adds a different element to every look. As you can see here, on one hand Sana looked very beautiful in a yellow printed lehenga, while her style is also glamorous in a pink embroidered lehenga. In such a situation, this beauty, famous as Queen Khan, wreaked havoc in both the looks.

She looks amazing in westerns too

She looks amazing in westerns too

Here Sana's western look is seen in a red and white outfit. In which the actress' style in perfect makeup with winged eyeliner is enough to steal hearts. On one hand, she has made a bun by taking out flicks in her hair, while on the other hand, she has styled the white look with open hair.

Also know about Sana

Also know about Sana

Talking about Sana's career, she started her journey by making videos on TikTok. After this, she became famous on social media due to her style and beauty and appeared in many ads. Apart from this, Sana has also been a part of many Punjabi music videos. She has worked with stars like Milind Gaba, B Prak, Sherry Mann. At the same time, she has also appeared in short films and is now making a splash in 'Bigg Boss'.

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