Angry flight attendant slaps CISF officer while returning home after duty

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: A shocking incident has come to light today at Jaipur Airport in Rajasthan. There was an argument between a CISF jawan and a SpiceJet female crew member over entering the airport without checking. During the argument, the woman slapped the CISF jawan. However, now another angle has been added to this case. SpiceJet spokesperson said that the CISF jawan called the woman home after duty and used abusive language with her. Due to this, his female staff slapped him. A video of the slapping incident has also surfaced. In which the ASI says something to the woman and then the woman turns around and slaps him. Let us tell you that the woman has been arrested on charges of slapping the ASI.

what is the whole matter

According to the information, this incident happened at around 4.40 am. When ASI Giriraj Prasad was posted at the vehicle gate of Jaipur Airport. At that time SpiceJet crew member Anuradha Rani reached there. ASI further told that the woman wanted to take the vehicle inside the airport from the air side but at that time there was no female CISF employee at the gate. So he asked Anuradha to wait but Anuradha Rani started insisting to go to the airport quickly. However, ASI was repeatedly telling her that entry into the airport will be given only after the female staff is checked. Both of them started arguing about this. During the argument, ASI Giriraj Prasad asked to send the female staff to the control room. After that two female staff came to the gate and started convincing Anuradha but Anuradha slapped the ASI in the meantime. After which the accused female crew member has been arrested.

SpiceJet also responded

SpiceJet has also given its reaction on this slapping incident that happened at Jaipur airport. SpiceJet said that the incident that happened at Jaipur airport is very unfortunate, but a woman from their airlines had to face abusive language from a CISF jawan while taking the catering vehicle to the gate. Whereas our crew member had a valid airport entry pass issued by India's civil aviation security regulator Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.

Woman accuses CISF jawan

In this case, SpiceJet spokesperson said that the CISF jawan had asked the woman to meet him at home after duty. In such a situation, we have lodged a complaint at the police station for immediate legal action. The airline stands firmly with its employee.

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