Anant-Radhika's sangeet ceremony begins, this actor's son arrives as the first guest

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Anant-Radhika's sangeet ceremony begins, this actor's son arrives as the first guest

The functions related to Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's wedding are going on continuously. After Mameru Rasm and Garba Night, the Sangeet Ceremony was organized on July 5. Like every function, this time too it was organized in a grand manner. Although many famous faces attended it as guests, but the first celebrity guest was the actor's son. And to be honest, his style was so amazing that other boys can also take style inspiration from him to attend any traditional or wedding event.

This star kid has entered the world of Bollywood some time back and like his father, he has made a lot of headlines for his acting and handsome looks. So let us show you the pictures of this handsome star son during Ambani's event. (All pictures: Yogen Shah)

By now you might have recognized this guest.

If you have not recognized this guest till now, then after seeing this picture you must have remembered who this Star Sun is?

Attending the event in a stylish avatar, the handsome hunk is the son of Javed Jaffrey who has appeared in movies like 'Malaal' and 'Yaariyan'.

Seen in traditional chic style

Meezaan chose a traditional chic style for himself as per the theme. He wore a navy blue coloured sherwani style jacket with buttons in the front.

This closed neck upper garment had dramatic leaf patterns made in white thread. With power shoulders and full sleeves, this jacket complemented her fit body.

Velvet pants and high heels

Velvet pants and high heels

Under the jacket kurta were flared pants, which were made of velvet. Because of this, they were shiny. They were seen shining brightly in the light of the camera.

Under these bottoms, Meezaan was seen wearing pointed shoes with heels. This footwear matched perfectly with his overall clothes.

Ananta Radhika Music Table Jafri5

Ananta Radhika Music Table Jafri5

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