Ambani’s Reliance Jio Promises AI to Everyone, Everywhere in India

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Jio Platforms to Lead AI Development in India, Promises “AI to Everyone, Everywhere”

AI for All

Jio Platforms, under the leadership of Mukesh Ambani, aims to take the lead in developing India-specific AI models and AI-powered solutions across various sectors. The goal is to bring the benefits of this cutting-edge technology to Indian citizens, businesses, and the government. Ambani expressed his commitment to making AI accessible to everyone, everywhere, similar to how Jio previously provided widespread broadband connectivity.

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AI as a Growth Frontier

Mukesh Ambani highlighted Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the most promising area for Jio’s growth. He shared these ambitious plans during the 46th Annual General Meeting of Reliance Industries. The global AI revolution is rapidly transforming industries and daily life, and Jio aims to be at the forefront of this transformation by delivering innovative AI-powered solutions.

Building AI-Ready Infrastructure

To achieve this vision, Jio pledged to create up to 2,000 MW of AI-ready computing capacity, spanning both cloud and edge locations. These efforts will align with sustainable practices, contributing to a greener future. Ambani emphasized the need for digital infrastructure in India that can accommodate the substantial computational demands of AI applications.

Leveraging India’s Strengths

Ambani highlighted that India possesses the necessary scale, data, and talent to harness the potential of AI. He underscored the importance of using AI for innovation, growth, and national prosperity. Jio Platforms aims to leverage its talent pool and capabilities to stay up-to-date with global AI advancements, particularly in generative AI.

AI to Transform Industries and Lives

Mukesh Ambani stressed that intelligent applications powered by AI will reshape industries, economies, and daily life more rapidly than anticipated. He believes that by leading AI efforts and embracing innovation, India can stay globally competitive and ensure its technological advancement.

Green Energy and Sustainability

As Jio Platforms expands its reach, it plans to transition most of its energy consumption in connectivity and digital services to green energy sources within the next five years. This move aligns with Jio’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and reducing costs while supporting the growth of AI infrastructure.

A Promise for the Future

In conclusion, Ambani made a promise to the people of India. Just as Jio fulfilled its promise of delivering broadband connectivity to all, the company is now committed to making AI accessible and beneficial to everyone. With a focus on innovation, scalability, and sustainability, Jio Platforms aims to lead India’s journey into the AI-powered future.

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