Ambani girls' magic did not work in front of these beauties, yet Madhuri won

Ananya Shroff
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Along with the guests of the Ambani family, many Bollywood stars also attended the sangeet of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. If we talk about actresses, then from Janhvi Kapoor to Alia, every actress appeared in her special style. But in this function, the look of one beauty was so beautiful that everyone was impressed by her.

We are talking about Madhuri Dixit, who gave competition to today's 25-26 year old stylish girls not only in fashion but also in makeup and hairstyle. Today we are going to tell you about those beautiful girls whose looks were really great, but still no one could compete with Madhuri. Yes, you can see the killer looks of these beauties yourself. (Photo courtesy: Yogen Shah)

Jahnavi arrived dressed as a peacock

Jhanvi knows very well how to beat everyone with her look and this time also she did something similar and beat the Ambani guests with her look. Wearing a lehenga designed with peacock feathers, this beauty gave a Barbie look to her makeup.

In which she used eyebrow pencil to shape her rounded eyebrows, applied kajal and mascara to highlight her eyes and applied peach colored bright lipstick on her lips with rose petals. With great makeup, Bala kept her hair curly while half of the hair was tucked and left open.

Alia's magic worked

Alia was seen spreading the magic of her beauty in a black colored lehenga, with which Raha's mother gave a wave look to her short hair. Along with this, brown smokey kajal and mascara were applied on the eyes, which made Alia's lake-like eyes even more beautiful.

Alia wore flawless glossy makeup while nude lipstick was applied on her lips which was giving a very good shine. Alia was seen outshining the other girls present there with the magic of her beauty.

Mira made this kind of pony with her lehenga

Mira made this kind of pony with her lehenga

Mira, who attended Ambani's celebration with her handsome husband Shahid Kapoor, adopted a no makeup look with nude lipstick. While making a ponytail, she wrapped her hair with hair instead of rubber, which made her hairstyle look even more fabulous. Mira's overall look may have been simple, but still many beauties of the Ambani family looked pale in front of her beauty and glow on her face.

Neha's Braided Bun

Neha's Braided Bun

First of all, let's talk about Neha Sharma, this girl wore a grey dhoti skirt, black blouse and white shrug. On the one hand, most of the women of the Ambani family left their hair open in a simple way.

Neha's flawless makeup and low bun were adding to her look. The actress had set her left side by making a ponytail. Also, according to the face shape, she had flicks from the front, which were enhancing the beauty of Neha's face.

Dhak-Dhak girl won the match

Dhak-Dhak girl won the match

Madhuri Dixit's beauty is increasing with age, now just look at the look of this girl who reached Anant and Radhika's sangeet, first the magic of her kajraari eyes and second the thick locks of hair, Madhuri made the look of Ambani's guests pale with her style. Dhak-Dhak kept her hairstyle different from others, she made a half French braid and left the rest of the hair open from the back. This girl won with her style.

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